We are halfway!!!! It’s time for the 3rd Quarter brand new Day2Day Themes and Pixie Dust. The first half of this year has showcased some fabulous Day2Day weekly layouts, photos and stories. We always look forward to see what our Day2Day peeps have been up to during the week. A huge congratulations to those who are keeping up to date on this wonderful project and a shoutout to those of you who are in catch-up mode! It’s never too late to post your weekly layout. Some of us are so good at making sure we post our pages each week, and others like posting a whole month in one go. Whichever way you do it is the way that’s perfect for you. One of the joys of doing a Day2Day project is taking a photo each and every day. It’s up to you if you follow the theme for each week, just a few days – or totally go your own way. The best thing is – this project has no rules – just keep snapping a photo each day with whatever camera you happen to have at your disposal at any given moment. Sometimes it’s the most random photos that end up being your favourite. The Day2Day project also gives those “one off” photos a home on a page – simple memories that may otherwise be forgotten as they don’t fit in with our themed projects of celebrations, holidays or family.

The only rule with Day2Day is – keep clicking, creating, journaling and sharing!

Click on the download button below to download a pdf of the second quarter’s Themes and the Pixie Dust.


If you missed the 2016 Day2Day themes you can find the 2nd Quare Pixie Dust HERE  and 1st Quarter Pixie Dust HERE.

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