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Forever is a place to store your memories Forever (your lifetime plus 100 years).  This is a fact, but Forever is so much more than that.   Forever is more than a .com, more than a cloud storage, more than a scrapbook company, more than a subscription, more than a service.  Forever has a face.  Many faces as a matter of fact.   Forever is a company that prides itself on the preservation of all that is near and dear to you.  Every second, something becomes just a memory.  Just like that, the sentence I have just written became a memory.

Forever is more than a memory!

Forever is a community:  It is indeed a vibrant and diverse community of people who want to save their memories.   They are not all scrapbookers.  They are not all family historians.  They are not all photographers.   They do share one thing in common – the love of a memory.

Forever is a friendship:  While everyone in the Forever community is as different as peanut butter and jelly,  they complement each other just like peanut butter and jelly. PBJ lovers know this is a really good thing.   The Forever community is able to bond over what makes each of us unique.  It is our uniqueness that blends us together into a Forever family. Without a doubt, a lot of work and effort is required to nurture our community.   This is done in various Forever sponsored Social Media pages, Forever Permanent storage accounts, blogs (such as this one), Forever Retreats and Forever LIVE.

Forever is a memory generator:   I could go on and on in this segment, but I am going to strictly refer to Forever’s live events.  p2P LIVE, Forever Retreats, and Forever LIVE are all venues where the Forever Community, some of which have only met on social media, can meet in person and create new memories.

Last year at Forever LIVE 2015, not only was I able to create new memories, I fortified a friendship. Forever LIVE 2015 was a turning point in a (at that time) 6 year long cyber friendship with Carol Cornwell.   For six years we have chatted online, laughed online, hugged online, cried online, exchanged sympathies online, but in September 2015 we would finally toss that word “cyber” from our relationship.   Carol and I simply became friends.  When I tell you we clicked instantly…it was amazing.  We just knew at that moment we would forever be friends.  Carol and I talked about her pages.   She was a quite discouraged over feedback from outside sources that she had received about her pages.  She said all she wanted to do was learn.   She hadn’t been scrapbooking for a while after her husband passed away, but she wanted to learn and improve.  I told her all that mattered was that she loved her pages and if she loved them, everyone else would too.

Kerrianne Hobbs heard this and suggested that we make Carol a Featured Fan in Pages magazine.  Kerrianne said we could work with Carol on her pages and build her confidence.   I thought this was a great idea.  Right after Forever LIVE, Carol and I started meeting weekly so I could give her assignments and offer feedback, being careful not to change her style.   Carol was a super star.   You can check out the results in our January 2016 issue of Pages Magazine.

Once the magazine was done, we didn’t stop meeting.  We continued to meet for an hour or more every Sunday.  If we couldn’t do Sunday, we would do Monday.  We became accountibilibuddies to make sure we completed our scrapbooking projects in a timely fashion. We didn’t limit our talk to scrapbooking.  We started our very own book club and read books together.   She had never read The Shack by William P. Young.  Since I was happy to read it again, I suggested that book as our first read.   Carol breezed through the book and we talked about it for hours and hours.   We joked about how she would need to come to New York or I would need to go to Atlanta so we could see the movie together when it came out later this year.   Though we joked about it, we were seriously going to plan to see this movie together.

In early June 2016, Carol and her daughter Becky joined us on the p2P LIVE Grand Getaway on Mackinac Island.  What a blessing that trip was.  You are sure to experience it through the pages that I create and post in the future as I am working on my pages.   However, this will be bittersweet because my dear friend, accountibilibuddy, and confidante went home to be with the Lord the morning of Sunday, July 3, 2016.  I will not go into details, but the past 10 days had been up and down with her not feeling her best and then feeling better.  I was never expecting that Sunday afternoon call telling me my friend was gone.  My friendship which was fortified at Forever LIVE 2015 has come to an end, but because of Forever the memories of our special friendship will last long after I am called home.  My one wish for you all is that you too can experience the sort of friendship we had.  My friendship was gone in an instant, but the memories, those special moments…they will last Forever.

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Forever LIVE 2016 is just around the corner. Take this opportunity to meet some of your cyber-friends in person for the first time.

Here is the issue of Pages Magazine where Carol Cornwell was our featured fan:

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13 Responses to Forever Moments to Cherish

  1. Kerrianne says:

    What a beautiful tribute xx You have certainly made an enormous impact on many ‘cyber’ friends (me being one of them!!) You and Carol were lucky enough to have just made ‘friends’ a more important word. I hope to one day be as lucky as she and loose the word ‘cyber’. She will be sadly missed by friends and family, but her memories will live on because of the encouragement you supported her with. Hugs to you xx

  2. Barbara says:

    I too got to take the word “cyber” from my friendship with Carol; meeting her at Forever LIVE 2015. She was such a kind and sweet lady. Your tribute to your friendship with her is lovely Tameka. Carol will be missed!

  3. Ruth Ayres says:

    Oh Tameka, I didn’t see this until today. I’m so very sorry you lost Carol. Thank heavens for our memories. You are in my thoughts….hugs

  4. Carolyn says:

    Bless you, my friend. It’s such a big loss. Sending love.

  5. Janice says:

    Heartfelt words Meka. Your friendship with Carol will always be treasured by us all. Thank you for writing these wonderful memories and moments. She was such a gorgeous lady!

  6. Fay Wilde says:

    What beautiful memories ! I too feel like your friend all these years and I will get to meet you in November at the Pittsburgh Forever gathering. You are a true inspiration Meka. So glad to know you . I have your picture beside my computer. In fact it is a page of pictures of 12 pixies. I put it by my computer in April of 2012. When I read a blog or see one of your pages Ilook at your picture. Keep up the good work. Love Fay

  7. Kristeen says:

    What a beautiful tribute. Seeing your both together in Mackinac made me smile so much. It was obvious that you had a meaningful,deep relationship that went further than just teacher/student and it really touched me. I’m glad I had a chance to meet Carol but so sad that she is gone… Hopefully her stories and memories will live on for her family in her scrapbooks and stories like this….

  8. Kim says:

    You just never know where those deep rooted friendships will be planted. Sometimes they come from an unexpected place. Thank you for sharing your heart journey with us. And, reminding us that every moment is a memory to be treasured forever! Love you Tameka!

  9. Anne says:

    Such a sweet tribute Meka. I know she treasured your friendship too and you were both the better for it. Wonderful photos and page – especially love the one with Carol right in the middle of the group! She will be missed.

    • Denise Mitterando says:

      Couldn’t agree with Anne more. My heart breaks for you and her family. Such a sweet lady, I was honored to get to meet her in Mackinac Island.

  10. Asmaan says:

    Love and hugs

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