In 2012 I made a lifestyle change.  Not only did I start eating healthy and making good food choices, but I also started moving more.  I knew I needed to create purposeful movement – otherwise known as exercise.   During this time I also received a great gift – a Fitbit.  With my desire to make movement a part of my normal habits, using a Fitbit was a way to document and record my new choices.  Now, I am not ever going to be an exercise junkie!  In fact, if you say “let’s go exercise”, I am sure I have other commitments I need to attend to.  However, I found a way to combine what I love, photography, with my exercise.  I started hiking.  My very first trail was called “Sprig Trail” – aka the death trail (my nickname for that trail).  Basically, it is straight up for 2 miles!  Starting on that trail was NOT the best idea I ever had.  And, I couldn’t take pictures because I was so out of breath.  However, over the years, I have developed my ability to take on moderately strenuous hikes.  I routinely hike a trail called Merry Go Round.  It is about 1.5 miles to a milestone I call “The Rock”.  My Fitbit will register about 70 flights of stairs and it takes me about 35 minutes to get there.  We often go beyond the rock, but that is my basic hike now.  I can make it to The Rock without stopping (unless I feel compelled to take a photo or two).  Well, in three days, I will be attempting my biggest hike EVER – Mission Peak in Fremont, California.  I am guessing it will take me about two hours to hike to the peak – then I need to get myself back down the mountain.  I am really curious how many flights of stairs my Fitbit will register.  And, what I really want is my picture on the “pole” at the peak!  If you would have asked me four years ago to do something like this there is no way I could have done it physically or even had wanted to.  Not only will this be good for my body, but I will get to take some great photos too!  And, that just gives me more to scrapbook.  Stay tuned to p2P next week.  I am sure I will have some pictures to share with you!  Here is a photo of my son (Joey) and my husband (Tony) at the top a few weeks ago.  I can’t wait to have this same photo!

Fitbit Climbing Badges


Helicopter, 500 Floors

Skydiver, 1,000 Floors

Hot Air Balloon, 2,000 Floors

747, 4,000 Floors

next badge will be for 8,000 Floors

Designer Digitals:  Canvas Cardstocks Paper Pack No 11

Forever:  Endless Summer Bundle

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3 Responses to Blog: Hiking Adventures

  1. Terry Vachowski says:

    That is so cool! I had no idea you were doing THOSE kinds of hikes, also that a fitbit can record flights of stairs. Can’t wait to see pics!

  2. Linda DeLaughter says:

    All of us who know you will attest to the fact that we are so VERY PROUD OF YOU!!! Your perseverance is an inspiration to us! I could always find excuses for not exercising before now, but, I am ready this morning to go to my cardio class at our clubhouse. We don’t have mountains here, but we have humidity! So I will go exercise with A/C! See you soon, my friend!

    • Kim says:

      Good morning Linda,

      Thank you so much! I know the hike will be good for my body. But, I REALLY, REALLY want that photo! I would choose A/C too! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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