In June 2013 I was fortunate to go on a cruise with my Dad, from Venice to Athens, via the coast of Croatia and Greece. If you follow our Facebook page, you’ll know that I’ve been working on digi-scrapping those photos ever since. I’m not the world’s speediest scrapbooker, and I’m OK with that, but after 3 years it’s about time I got this project done!! I have used this album project (or projects – it ended up being two volumes) to create pages for the p2P website, and to try out new Blueprints and Challenges, so I have not been working systematically or chronologically through the trip but rather created pages that suited the design or challenge I was working on.

This week I had a look through the projects from beginning to end and realised I am very close to pressing that Order button! I can’t wait to have these books on my coffee table! I’m not quite there yet, but here’s where you come into it. I have uploaded jpegs of the entire project to my Forever account, and I’d love it if you could look over the project and spot any glaring errors for me! I’ve been so involved in this project for so long it’s hard to be objective!

I love having my album pages in my Forever account. Here’s why:

  1. It is so easy to upload them – I just click Share on the File menu, and choose Save to Forever. The software does the rest for me, and uploads full resolution jpegs of every page (or the pages I select, if I don’t want them all) to my account. No need for saving pages as jpegs and then uploading them myself.
  2. The pages will stay in my Forever account until long after I’m gone. Even if my house burns down and all my books are lost, my pages will be preserved.
  3. It’s so easy to preview the pages in the Forever account. They display in full screen view, and I can easily and very smoothly browse through the whole album.
  4. There’s even a slideshow option. I can sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy watching the pages go by.
  5. I can make notes on the pages in the description section of each page. I’ve kept a record of which Blueprints or challenges, which art kits and fonts I used. As I review the pages prior to ordering, I can note edits or reminders as I peruse the album.
  6. I can see my pages on my computer, my phone or my iPad wherever and whenever I like.
  7. I can share the pages with my husband (and chief proof-reader), and with my Dad, who is on the other side of the world.
  8. I can share the album with anyone who is interested in doing a trip similar to mine.
  9. I can share the album on the blog I wrote during the cruise. (Here’s a tip: Blogging is a great way to get all your journaling done before you even start the album. And I’m very grateful for the details I recorded at the time because I’m not sure how much I would still remember otherwise).
  10. I can share the album with you, dear reader.
  11. Did I mention how easy it is to upload the pages to my Forever account?

To view the album in my Forever account – CLICK HERE. To find out more about Forever Guaranteed Storage, click HERE.

This project is over 150 pages (so far), so it will be two albums. I’ve combined both albums into one virtual album to make it easier to view. You’ll spot the second title page when you come to it. It’s kind of fun to see all the thumbnail images of the pages all laid out like this too.


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41 Responses to Blog: Approaching the finish line.

  1. Annette Posner says:

    Hi Shelley,
    Is there any chance you could restore the Forever link to your album? I had it bookmarked and meant to take a better look, maybe I waited too long? I really love all your pages and your style and I need inspiration for my Italy album. Thanks!

  2. Cheryl Lassen says:

    Love it! p. 40, “…neither of us have never…” should be “…neither of us has ever…”
    How do you keep track of all the information details for photos as you are going through your travel day shooting hundreds of photos? Cheryl

    • Shelley says:

      Thanks for the pickup! It takes a lot of eyes to find all the typos!!
      I do a lot of reading before during and after our travels. When I’m making the albums I look up lots of info. Also I take photos with a camera with GPS when I can – the best invention ever!!

  3. Nancy Pierce says:

    Beautiful book! Lots of hardwork!

  4. Billie J says:

    Absolutely stunning! I was so in awe of the beauty of your pages, I didn’t focus on errors. The only thing that jumped out is on page 33 in part 1. The title looks like it is off the page, but I’m not sure if that corrects itself on your 2 page layout. Thank you for sharing. I’m working on an album for my trip to London and Normandy that we took over the D-Day anniversary. I’m struggling with find the right content. Any suggestions? The papers and embellishments you used were perfect for your trip.
    You should check out the Europe kits by Lucky Girl Creative in the Forever Store.

    • Shelley says:

      Thanks Billie. You are right – that title spans the double page spread, so it does look a little odd on the single page. As far as content goes, I tend to use very few embellishments for travel pages, I usually choose kits by the colours that I think will look good with the photos on those pages. I’ve listed the content in the description section of the each page in my Forever album, so you might find some ideas there.

  5. marsha4560 says:

    Your photos and albums are breathtaking. God has blessed you with a wonderful gift. Can I go along on your next vacation and maybe carry your bags so I can pick up some pointers on taking photos? I would love to spend a week or two with you and see all these wonderful places thru your eyes…I know I would learn so much! I have been to several of the places in these albums but my pages don’t compare to the masterpieces you design. I still hang in there though and try to pick up as many tips as I can. Thanks for sharing.

    • Shelley says:

      Marsha, your comments are so lovely!! I’m really touched. Thank you for your kind words! I have been blessed with lots of travel opportunities recently, and surrounded by encouraging pixie friends and supporters – they have taught me everything I know!

  6. Lynda Dettling says:

    Got it! Thank you so much.

  7. Tina Burg says:

    Shelley, I just went through the album. I didn’t notice any “glaring” mistakes, but I think that was probably because I was so drawn in by the pictures and the design. I love how your pages are always so clean and simple but also so full of detail. Your page layouts always inspire me.

  8. Lindie says:

    On page 3, I would make the statement it was very convenient, its own sentence. P.16 details which is impressive, I believe should be details which “are” impressive. On p. 17, is the first Basilica spelled wrong? On p. 20, do you need the word up after abseiling? On p. 26, I think that there is a run-on sentence- it literally brought tears to my eyes…building capped with 5 great domes. On p. 28, I might have written the sentence: stunning golden wall of religious scenes made with… and in Constantinople rather than on Cons… It is difficult to see it there is an apostrophe in your first d’Oro.

    I have looked at 31 pages, so far. I hope you don’t think I am being too picky. These are my suggestions so far, given with love. Your pages are beautiful. I love the way your fonts, embellishments, etc. enhance your story. If you would like me to continue, I would consider it a privilege.

  9. Viv says:

    What an amazing trip. I love all your photos and pages. Thanks for sharing those with us.

  10. Shirle says:

    Shelly what an incredible creation you are making. We did that trip last year as well and I am in the process of doing my own album. I have picked up several ideas from your pages. They are so complete, you are welcome to come and finish mine.

  11. Sandy says:

    WOW!!!!! This is impressive looking at all the pages this way. I just did something similar with the first 72 pages from my Peru book. I have three days left to finish and I will be able to push the button and order it. I think this is the fastest I have ever put a book together and have the Pixies to thank. Because of the amazing BPs I will have a book on my table instead of still in my computer.

  12. sistersunshine says:

    Page 58 book 1… last sentence but didn’t longer long… aught to be linger long I think… Loving this book. *U* Kathleen

  13. Mikki says:

    I’m so glad I read this, Shelley. I had no idea it was that easy to upload pages to my Forever account. Thank you!

    • Shelley says:

      It’s so easy Mikki! I love it.

      • Mikki says:

        Funny that I commented on this and then couldn’t find it earlier today! I do have one question for you, Shelley. I uploaded a book just now to my Forever account. I created a new album for the book. But when I go into my Forever account to view the album, it has a lock on it. None of my other albums are locked. Did I do something wrong, or is this normal? I haven’t been able to figure out how to unlock it, but I can view the pages. Very strange.

        • Shelley says:

          The lock just means it is private and can only be seen by you. You haven’t set the sharing to “friends and family”. If that’s what you intended, you can change that by selecting that album, then clicking the “i” on the far right and change the sharing options.

  14. Cindy Rold says:

    Gorgeous! What fun to see your beautiful photos and beautiful layouts. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Barbara says:

    Hi Shelley! What a gift to share your book with us. It is absolutely beautiful. I would love to see several of the pages as a “start to finish” subject. I hope you don’t mind, but I took you literally in the invitation to help with proofing. I’ve read up to page 51 so far and found a couple of possible things. Page 10: “chatted to our fellow passengers” – maybe just preference or Australian vs American – I would say “chatted with”. Page 28 – Is the apostrophe missing between “d” and “Ora”? May just be hard to see in my screen. Also it looks like there is an extra space between “scenes” and the comma in the 2nd line. Page 33 – should be “suggests” with an “s” rather than “suggest”? Page 51 – it appears the comma is missing after “Zadar” (between Zadar and the). Hope that helps. I will look at the rest of this beautiful book later today or tomorrow. Please tell us if you’d prefer a private email rather than putting proofing questions here. Thanks again for sharing! I wish I had half your talent!

    • Shelley says:

      This is incredibly helpful Barbara, please continue! Thanks so much for your kind words!!

      • Barbara says:

        Hi again Shelley! I have gone through all the pages, and the gift to me is that now I feel like I’ve been on your trip. Photos, journaling, design – all wonderful. Here are the rest of my editing suggestions. Sorry if I’m creating extra work for you, some of them may be fine and it is just hard for me to tell on my screen.
        Page 58: “longer long” should be “linger long”?
        Page 79: “that the Venice left” – delete “the”?
        Page 81: Text starts out bold and then changes to regular. I wasn’t sure if this was on purpose or not.
        Part 2 –
        Page 2 – looks like there is an extra space between “but” and “can” in the last line of the first paragraph
        Page 2 – last paragraph, should “worries” be “worried”?
        Page 11 – should “stranger” be “strangers” (plural)? – in first paragraph
        Page 15 – not sure if I was just having trouble reading the text here. Does it say “…the apse it by two…” Did you mean “it”, or perhaps “split”?
        Page 18 – there might be an extra space between “tour” and the comma which follows
        Page 20 – in your definition, “which is coastal inlet” – is there an “a” missing between “is” and “coastal”?

        Again, beautiful, beautiful book. I wish I could post every page around my work area to remind me of design ideas in the future. Thank you so much for sharing your work with us. And how wonderful that you were able to do this with your Dad!

  16. Lynda Dettling says:

    Great album! How wonderful to share in Forever. Have a question re the BP’s. Lately have been trouble locating some of the BP’s since now they are located in so many places. In particular, I am searching for the wonderful BP Folk Art. Could you please give me some tips? Thanks much. Lynda

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