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On our recent trip we had the pleasure of visiting Old Town Tallinn, Estonia. One of the things we wanted to do was climb the old embattlement built in the 12th century. Didn’t look too bad (I’m scared of heights) especially after climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia 4 years ago. Since the bridge climb I’ve been determined to do things out of my comfort zone. This one though didn’t appear to be too tall so off we went. I did great UNTIL the “planks”. Kind of sounds like walking the plank and yes, that’s what it looked like in my imagination! In the lower right photo you can see a person way down the walkway. That’s where the bridge changed from concrete to wooden planks with significant gaps between them!  I got to them and started across and froze.  Turned around and got off them.  Backed up a bit and looked again.  This time I was determined to get across.  I had to look down to keep from putting my foot in an open gap and losing my balance.  One step, two, three…I slowly made my way, one slow step at a time across those planks.  Breathing a sigh of relief when I made it all the way across only to find the descent inside the tower was scarier than the planks! I don’t think it’s changed since the 12th century when it was built.  The stairs were stone,VERY narrow and steep and kept turning ( one half of the step was only about 5 inches wide, as they wound downward.  Most places had no hand rails and passing was impossible so people took turns going up and down the passageways.  Eventually I made it down those steps and again was reminded why I get out of my comfort zone.  The sense of completing something when it’s over.

This story brings me to the Forever app on my phone.  I know, weird correlation, but it makes sense in my head so here we go. Believe it or not I used to hate change and technology and when both were one and the same I rebelled even more.  I was NEVER going to give up my regular camera with my printed photos, I was NEVER going to give up my Day Planner, I was NEVER going to do anything on a computer but email, I was NEVER going to give up traditional scrapbooking, I was NEVER going to climb that darn bridge in Australia and the list goes on!  So now we come to the Forever app on my phone.  WHY would I even need this?  I have my digital camera, I upload to Historian AND I backup faithfully. Here’s why. While on that wall, I was not carrying my large digital camera but I did have my phone with me!  I would have missed the photos from the whole experience.  Shortly after the climb we  were relaxing eating lunch in a restaurant with wi-fi and I was able to upload those photos directly to my Estonia album in my Forever account. I have damaged a phone before and lost images, so to have the peace of mind that my phone photos are always backed up with no effort on my part is, well, peace of mind! My phone is now my primary camera for everyday life.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my big digital camera and I take plenty of pictures with it but for everyday life it’s pretty much my phone! The phone is there when my granddaughter starts dancing spontaneously. It’s there when my grandson’s first smile at his Nana appears on his sweet face. Those are moments I relish.  Moments I don’t have to think about what’s going on in the background…photo taken, uploaded and backed up with no effort on my part. I get the sense of completion on this with minimal to no effort on my part. Gotta love that.  If you’re not using the app I encourage you to get it now and use it with your Forever account.  Rest assured your pictures on your phone are backed up.  Try something new and embrace change.

Now if only the rest of my life was that easy!


p2P_Blog_2016_08_10_MBIMG_1393My Forever Estonia Album as viewed thru my  phone.

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4 Responses to BLOG: I Was NEVER!

  1. Kaye Rhodes says:

    When I got my smart phone, my son-in-law told me that I’d find myself using my point-and-shoot digital camera less and less. I scoffed at the idea but several months later, I realized it had been a long time since the camera had seen the light of day.

  2. Jan says:

    Good for you, Mary!! Never say never again! xx

  3. Lindie says:

    Good for you. I have been in many castles etc. in Scotland that were just like the staircase you mentioned. I try to do new things also. Good for you. See you in September.

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