We’re off on an adventure!! Nothing like throwing together a trip at the very last minute!

The car is packed, my sweet husband is fixing breakfast, the kids are more than ready. They don’t realize it’s going to be a long drive but we’ve got books, movies, games and lollipops! Truthfully even if we just went from motel to motel pool – they’d be happy!

But we’re heading south for a very quick visit with my sister’s family. Will it be hot? Yes, indeedy, but we’ll spend mornings on the beach and afternoons in the cool reading.  And there’ll be shrimp!

My daughter thought it would be fun to take the grands down to see the little town where I grew up. I remember we had big hopes for Avon Park when Disney announced so many years ago that they were building up the road about 80 miles. Unfortunately, it seems to be just hanging on. When I was young, there were 2 hardware stores, a bank, numerous businesses and a drugstore. I knew that last one the best as I was encouraged to stop by every afternoon and have an ice cream soda. Sigh – I was a mere shadow!

After school we spent in or on the lake. Swimming in this spring fed lake or skiing around it pointing out the alligators in the reeds. Yes, we saw them but they couldn’t catch us! The ego of teenagers!

So that’s what I’d love for the children to see. Our old home has seen better days, and the church next door (where we were married) has deteriorated too. They won’t see it as I see it but I’ll love seeing it with them!

Most of the businesses have struggled and some have just had to give up.

We’ll go to the cemetery and let the children take flowers to my parent’s graves. We’ll “drag the mall” as I used to do as a teenager – checking out what’s changed – maybe even stop at the Maryland Fried Chicken places still there! We’ll drive out to the Episcopal camp and maybe even get a tour. Hoping we can find a lake that is “swimable” – we used to be able to swim in any of the 21 lakes within the city limits.

Next,we’re heading 10 miles down the road from my hometown to the little town of Sebring. We want the grandchildren to have an “old Florida” experience. Highland Hammock is a state park that shows how this state, now full of condos and golf course, used to look. Long before people from all over the USA decided this state would be perfect for retirement. Not that I don’t understand that feeling but it has brought about many unwanted changes to the environment. More demand for land, and water to maintain that land in perfect green, takes its toll.

I know they will love the trail with the old trees making a shade over head. We’ll take the catwalk through the swamp – after spraying ourselves from head to toe of course. We used to take marshmallows to toss to the gators – but thinking that’s probably not allowed now  – good reason for that.

OK – there will be more to report after this epic trip. There will be lots of time in the car to listen to their stories, their reaction to my hometown, the excitement of seeing the wonders of Highlands Hammock and then a couple more adventures in the state and then home again. It’ll be fast but full of fun and adventure!

Here’s a page showing the 3 who’re going on the homeward bound trip!

Happy memory making and we’ll be doing the same,


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2 Responses to Blog: On the road again – homeward bound

  1. Jan says:

    Sounds like so much fun, Anne! I know the kids loved Highlands Hammock – see any panthers or bears? xx

    • Anne says:

      Saw one bird! Too many noisy people around I think. They actually had someone that takes a gas blower and blows off the catwalks. Guaranteed to scare off any wildlife within a football field!

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