How would you cope without the modern conveniences we take for granted every day? The question was brought home to me this week when our power was cut off for a day. It was a planned outage for some major maintenance work, and we had notice, so really, the inconvenience was very small. Instead of working from home, I just took my laptop with me to my hubby’s office and set up there. The kids were at uni and school all day, so they barely even noticed.

We’ve hardly ever had problems with power supply, so it’s not something we think about much. You flick a switch and just expect the light to come on, or the water to boil or the computer screen to light up. You really do only notice these things when they’re not there! How blessed are we not to have to worry about whether we’ll have light, or heating, or a way to cook our meals? To know that we can go about our normal daily business in comfort and safety, with everything we need at our fingertips. We take so much for granted! It’s only when we stop and realise just how many wonderful things we have, and think about what it would be like not to have them, that we can truly appreciate them.

It made me think about what else we take for granted, too. When I was at school, you hardly ever saw a camera at school, except on school photo day. Not everyone had a camera, film and processing were expensive, and you had to wait until you’d used the whole roll, then wait a week for it to be developed & printed. There aren’t many photos around of everyday school life from back then. Today, everything is instant yet disposable. My kids live in a world where everyone has a phone, and everyone’s phone can take photos. They think nothing of whipping out their phones to capture a quick selfie. But then, they think nothing of deleting those photos when their phone’s memory card is full! Photography is so common and simple these days, that it’s taken for granted. My guess is that despite the prevalence of cameras and phones, my kids will have as few photos of their everyday school life as I do of mine.

Do you think we would value photos more if we realised how blessed we are to have such easy access to them? If we realised what a treasure trove we have in our photos – particularly for future generations – would we take better care of them now? Which of us wouldn’t be thrilled to discover a previously-unknown photo of one of our grandparents as a child, or of a since-demolished house they lived in, or of them with their school friends? How excited we would be to have that photo in our hands and feel that sense of connection with our past!

Today’s photos – even though there are so many more of them – are just as likely not to survive for future generations if we don’t do something about preserving them now. A photo that is never moved from the phone or camera’s memory card is just as ephemeral as the ones our grandparents never took, and just as unlikely to be seen and treasured in the future. If we want to preserve our legacy, we have to be active. I have to remind myself not to take my photos for granted. I load them into Historian, make scrapbook pages with them, and record my stories. But if I want them to last, and to be accessible when I am gone, I need a way to ensure they will survive my computer crashing, my hard drive dying, and the file-formats they’re currently stored in becoming unusable. That’s where my Forever account comes in. Anything in my Forever guaranteed storage account is protected for the future. Putting my photos into Forever is a small, easy step I can take today to make sure my photos and memories aren’t taken for granted. What are you doing to preserve your legacy?

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