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Friends…I am blessed to call so many “friend”.  Like all of you I have a variety of friends.  They’re like flowers in my garden of life.  Some are perennials and they’re here season after season.  They don’t need replanting in my life they are just there.  They’re around to help when I need a smile or a word of wisdom.  Some are tougher than others…they pop up into my life when I’m not expecting but when God sends them my way and I didn’t even realize I needed them.  Some I only get to enjoy in person once in a while.  I have some that live withing a few hours drive, some across the country and some across the ocean that are blooming in someone else’s field.  No matter what kind, no matter the distance I have found they are each such a specific blessing and answer to prayer in my life.

One of my long distance friends was here for a brief period.  Shelley came into Dallas from Doha, Qatar.  She could have flown directly to see her other friends but blessed me with some one-on- one time with her.  Yes we’ll see each other next week when all the current Pixies will be together working so I wasn’t sad when she left but we did have fun…a whirlwind of it as seems to be what we do best.  I’m lucky to have gotten to see her annually for a few years.  I picked her up Sunday afternoon and she had a VERY LONG flight and threw her into a pot luck dinner with the Life Group I’m part of.  I wanted people important to me to meet each other and she had to eat!

She spent Labor Day with us so my husband Rick enjoyed a few meals this time.  He’s usually working when my friends visit.  We tried the Frogg Creperie in Allen, TX which by the way was excellent and the morning was pleasant enough to sit outside and enjoy the scenery.  Then dropping my sweet hubby back home we went for pedicures and went on an excursion into Fry Electronics.  Weird you say?  Not for us.  We’ve become quite the technology nerds but we did limit ourselves to what Shelley actually needed for business!  We then hit Hobby Lobby where we saved each other from breaking the budget because of all the cute “things” they have around.  We got out of there for under $100…combined!  Then back to my house where we worked…side by side…not a usual occurrence for any of us on the p2P team.  We work remotely, so when we do get to be side by side we can bounce ideas off each other pretty quick!  Heading into the dinner hour we stepped away from the computers.  Rick and I enjoyed our first evening stop with Shelley at the Landon Winery in McKinney’s historic, quaint and fun downtown.   We enjoyed a meal at The Pub and headed back to my home where Shelley packed up to fly away to see more friends in another state.   This morning I drove her to Love Field and she got the exciting experience of traveling for 1 1/2 hours to drive  33 miles (53 kilometers).  She arrived only a little early for her flight but safe and sound. I won’t tell what she had for breakfast…that may be yet another story some day.

As I said goodbye I realized how lucky I am.  I have friends that no matter whether I saw them yesterday, or a year ago we’re comfortable enough to pick up right where we left off.  My friends are like flowers of quite a variety.  Shelley is a rare one that is treasured even though I don’t get to see it often.

Thank you Shelley!



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3 Responses to BLOG: Friends

  1. Linda DeLaughter says:

    I consider myself so lucky to have met both of you, as your knowledge and creativity are such an inspiration to me. I love both of you so very much, and cannot wait to see you again in the Ville!

  2. Shelley says:

    Love you too Mary!! It was great to spend time together “in the flesh”.

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