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My house is filling up with Pixies!!  Mary and Alison arrived a few hours ago, Anne got here Monday morning, Shelley arrived Saturday afternoon, and Kim and Tameka will be here later today.  This will be the first time that the whole team has been together in one place, and we will be together for two weeks!  We’ll be doing some long-term planning and some short-term ‘get ready for Forever LIVE’ work while we are at my house, then we will be in Nashville for a couple of days before Forever LIVE, then it will be LIVE, and then we’ll be getting back to normal (whatever that is).

There’s nothing like company coming to make me decide to finish a few home improvement projects, even if I’ve waited until the last minute to think about actually doing something.  This time it was our outdoor furniture that needed a facelift.  Well, really our whole outdoor area needs a facelift – new paint, new fence, and a resurfaced deck – but that work needs to wait until the weather cools off a bit.  We had been seeing some cute and colorful chairs and tables adorning lots of decks and porches here on Tiki, so we finally bit the bullet and got a new table and chairs for our upstairs deck.  That meant that we needed to find a place for the old table, chairs, and side tables that were showing lots of signs of age.  I was thinking we’d put them out by the street and let someone ‘find’ them and haul them off, but Rex thought we should just put them downstairs under the house (houses here are all on stilts, so lots of outdoor areas are under houses).  I was okay with that until I saw them down there.  The paint was peeling so badly that it looked like I could knock it all off, so I thought that repainting it all might be a good idea.

I googled “removing paint from aluminum outdoor furniture” and quickly learned ten different ways to do that chore.  My favorite method was Martha Stewart’s – it involved using a for real sandblaster and having two strong men who knew what they were doing using said sandblaster and then painting everything once it was ready.  Very helpful video, Martha!  I made a list and headed off to Home Depot to gather supplies, and then it was time for some elbow grease.  Now, ten pieces of furniture later, I need some grease for my elbows!  Luckily I got Rex to help me on the weekend, and he hauled out the pressure washer to make things a bit easier.  I think we only made three more trips back to Home Depot for more spray paint…

What I learned is that the little spray paint bottle holder squirter things are worth whatever they want me to pay for them, that it doesn’t take much wind to send spray paint the wrong direction, and that light yellow was not the best color choice over previously dark paint.  But most of all, you can make most anything look fresher and brighter and more fun with a little paint!

So here’s hoping that we have some time to take advantage of the deck and our new and renewed furniture in the middle of all the p2P work we’ll be doing.  Hurry on down, Kim and Meka – the party is starting!

All good renovation or home improvement projects deserve to be documented, so here’s a page showing a little before, during, and after, plus the reward of a gorgeous sunset as seen from our deck:

Content used: Cottage Arts: By the Sea Alphaset; DesignerDigitals: Canvas Cardstock Pack 01 and Camden Kit; Peppermint Creative: Paintbox BundleFonts: Pupcat, KG Empire of Dirt

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6 Responses to Blog: The Pixies Are Coming!

  1. Looks great! We’re getting ready to do some home improvements, too. New flooring and cabinets, plus painting. Now to just see if we survive this process!

  2. Linda DeLaughter says:

    Love the bright colors on the old patio set! It makes your patio area look so beautifully tropical and Pixie-ish!

    Hope you all get your creative Pixie juices flowing, and have a safe trip up to the Ville! See you in a week!

  3. anninfl says:

    How exciting that you will all be together and for more than a couple of days! Get lots done and give yourselves plenty of time to just enjoy being together!

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