When you read this I will be in Nashville, TN at Forever LIVE! I can’t quite believe it, but it’s true. Now that I am getting ready to leave, I’m getting just a little bit – well perhaps slightly more than a little, oh, who am I kidding? VERY – excited!

You might think I’m excited because I’m traveling to the US for the first time. And that is true. You might think it’s because I’ll be visiting some amazing places in Texas, Tennessee and Kentucky, seeing sights I’ve only heard about. And that would be true too. You might think I’m excited to be attending Forever LIVE!, presenting a breakout, hearing from some amazing and inspiring speakers, and learning more about the wonderful company I now work for. And of course, that is all true.

But do you know what I’m REALLY excited about? The people. When I arrive in the US, I will be meeting up with the incredible team that I’ve been working with for more than two and a half years – three of whom I have never met in person before. You probably cannot begin to imagine how excited I am to be meeting Anne and Kim and Tameka for the first time, and seeing Jan and Mary and Shelley again – and all of us being in the same place at the same time, with no time difference! To be able to see one another’s faces while we talk, hear one another’s voices, laugh together, get to know one another more personally, share meals together, work together in the same room. These are my dear friends, who I work with every day and communicate with all the time, but there is nothing like being together in person.

Then, when we travel to Nashville together, I will get to meet many of the team at Forever, only one of whom I have ever met. I am so excited to finally be meeting the amazing people who work with Forever and are so passionate about our company’s mission. To be able to put faces to names, for them to know me, to feel like we all really are one big team, working together with a common purpose even though we are spread over the globe.

And finally, at Forever LIVE!, I will be meeting so many wonderful p2P members who have become friends over the years when I was a p2P fan, then member, then a Pixie. There is something so incredibly special about the p2P and Forever community – the way we are able to share so much of our lives as we share our pages together. I love it when I hear about people who met on our Facebook group meeting in real life – and now I get to do that too. If you’re a p2P member and you’re at Forever LIVE!, please come up and say hi and introduce yourself!! Know you will be making my day when you do.

(To be totally honest, there are a few things I’m more nervous than excited about! Traveling on my own, managing all the logistical things, being fully prepared, finding my bag at the baggage pickup… What if my luggage gets lost? What if I get lost? But I know I can rely on my team, and I will get through it and have a fabulous time! I just need to remember to breathe.)

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8 Responses to Blog: Just a little bit…

  1. Arlene Dixon says:

    I’ll remember Forever for ever. I thank all of the people that took the time to help me through the entire Forever event. It was awesome!

  2. Chris Bremer says:

    It was nice meeting and talking to you at Forever Live!

  3. Ruth Bell says:

    Hi Alison, I saw you on Tiki Island and at Forever Live. It was so great that you could be with all the other Pixies. So excited for you that you are now an official part of the Forever Team.

  4. Deanna says:

    You will be amazing and have a wonderful time.

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