Have you ever had a moment of panic when you couldn’t see all your photos in Historian? In this video, Alison explains the different viewing options in Historian and how they affect which photos you can and can’t see.

Viewing Options in Historian [11.14 mins]




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11 Responses to Historian Video: Viewing Options

  1. rgouveia@comcast.net says:

    I am searching for some information and instruction on using the “facial recognition” option in Historian. I have started the recognition process but it never seems to end. What am I missing? Is there a shortcut to getting this job done?

  2. longab1@aol.com says:

    I really liked the presentation, however, I have trouble seeing the details. Is there a way I can expand the display? Is there a way I can print or find a copy of the screen and summary? I have never posted on anything forever until now.

  3. Joy says:

    Thank you Barbara for your training. Filtering photos to capture family history is overwhelming. When you want to eat an elephant, they say you take one bite at a time.

  4. Marlene Anderson says:

    I usually just tag the people, i need to “up” my tagging to really make this work. Thanks for showing how to get between media and import, that was a big help.

  5. Barbara Mealey says:

    Wow! I needed this. I sometimes got lucky and found what I needed, but this is great!

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