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I tell ya…you could have never told me that this would be the year.  My boys have always been large for their age.  Since they were small, little league coaches would try to get them to play football.   Neither of them were interested.  They were into baseball and basketball.   As years progress, my youngest son (who is now 15 years old) grew tall and brawn.   Coach after coach asked Talik to play football.   My husband urged Talik to play football.  Talik was not interested in getting hit, so he turned down all requests flat out.  He didn’t even entertain the notion.

Fast forward to his sophomore year in High School.  He goes to one of several schools in the Jamaica High School Campus (he and his teammates are not classmates as they go to different schools in the same building).  The Coach approaches Talik.  This time he says yes.  Imagine the shock when Talik comes home with medical forms and a host of papers that needed to be filled out YESTERDAY because the season had started.  My husband was overjoyed.   I was worried.  Nevertheless, we did what we needed to do and Talik would be ready to play for the first game.   I would miss this game due to the fact that I was at Forever LIVE.   They had a tough loss.  32 – 0.  Talik got injured.  My husband took 1 picture, and it was dark. (Ugh…amateurs!  All jokes aside, at least he got me that one photo.)

You best believe I was at my baby boy’s second game with my camera in tow.  I took picture after picture.  About 250 of them.  My pictures came out great.  The best part of it all is they won the game.  22-0.   The boys were so excited.  I looked at my son and his team mates overjoyed and relishing in their victory.  He is creating some pretty amazing relationships and I want to tell the story quickly and share it with family, friends and the team.

mosaic-layout-bundle-1american-football-bundle-medThat is where ClickCollageTM comes into play.  ClickCollageTM is a new designer in the Forever Store.  This is the official description of the Click Collage system:

“Developed by Forever, the ClickCollageTM system is designed for quick and easy page layouts. The entire design is based on a grid system with pre-designed “cards” that drop into a grid of your choice and mix-and-match with your personal photos. No matter which layout you choose, every page will fit together with a very consistent look and feel. Cards can also be rotated and cropped to extend your selection of layout possibilities. As a bonus with every bundle purchase, a set of 10 free embellishments is included that will allow you the freedom to customize your design even further. If you are short on time but still love a beautiful, professional-looking project, the ClickCollageTM system is what you’ve been waiting for.”

I was intrigued by the description.  When I saw the football themed kit, I knew that they were perfect for my photos.  I used the Mosaic Layouts Bundle 1 and the American Football Card Kit Bundle.  I had a completed page in less than 10 minutes.   I couldn’t believe it.   In my heart I felt that my page was complete, but because it came together so fast, I spent another 15 minutes adding embellishments and removing them.  I am so pleased with the look of my pages and for the first time ever, my photo taking won’t be able to keep up with my scrapbooking.

Give ClickCollageTM a try today.  I am a believer!  Here are my two pages.

p2p_blog_clickcollagequick_tb-2 p2p_blog_clickcollagequick_tb-1








Mosaic Layouts Bundle 1 and the American Football Card Kit Bundle by ClickCollageTM
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7 Responses to Blog: Click Collage Quick

  1. crefreeman says:

    I am just catching up on p2P. I love this thought and look. It reminds be a bit of the CM portfolio albums. Fast and simple. This layout would be great for my family reunion book, help me with get the book done faster. Think I might have to add this to my wish list.

  2. Donna Pullan says:

    Hi Tameka,

    As always, I love your pages…very well done. Is that a “glow” added to the school name?

    I will definitely check out the ClickCollage…sounds very helpful.

    Congrats to Talik and I hope he has a great season!

    DONNA ☺

  3. Kaye Rhodes says:

    Hope Talik has a great season. Enjoy!!

  4. ANN LARRABEE says:

    A great idea and time saver. One question, do you usually make 12×12 books? I have been making 8×8 but wondering if I might be happier with 12×12. What’s your take on this
    Ann L

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