I  love my job.  I’ve been blessed to love what I do for two decades now.  The scrapbooking industry has people in it second to none.  The friends I’ve made along the way cover multiple continents and multiple locations on those continents.  One problem however when you work remotely is no face to face contact.  There is the phone, there is instant messaging and texts, there is all sorts of chat apps and there is that tiny little profile icon on Facebook. Seven Pixies got together  in Tiki Island, Texas where Jan lives to work and “meet”, some of us for the first time and all of us together for the first time EVER!  We’re still trying to come up with a new word for that.  We’ve known and virtually seen each other for years and now we’re face to face so it’s isn’t really meeting.  It’s something else that’s better!  No specific word. It’s awesome, great, enlightening and fun.  It was amazing how fast decisions could be made with discussion back and forth in the same room!

A week later the process continued.  I got to meet so many people from the Forever Home Office that had names but no faces..(FB doesn’t count because they’re way too small).  Facebook also doesn’t capture the warmth of the smile, the sound of laughter, the accent in a voice and the details of their lives, children or no children, travels, and goals.  I met so many people from the home office in Pittsburgh.  I feel connected now even though I live very far away!  They are wonderful people, they have lives like I do.  They have kids to show off pictures, they have brothers, sisters and friends that are as important to them as mine are to me.  They are wonderful and no longer just a name or face in a little bitty profile.  They make me thankful I work alongside them at this terrific company that has the same passion I do. Thanks everyone from the home office, both those I have already met and the new “old” friends I’ve known by name only.  Your youth and enthusiasm is contagious! I am blessed!

If you want to be part of something bigger than yourself I encourage you to join Forever’s Ambassador team. Join now and meet them all virtually.  Next summer you can join us in Phoenix and meet everyone face to face! Its a bargain this month til the end of October!



Canvas Cardstock Paper Pack No 06 – DesignerDigitals  Fonts:  Copperplate Gothic Light, Adobe Kairti Std R, Thillends

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