Summer is, and probably always will be, my favorite time of year – with winter being my least favorite. That’s not to say that there aren’t aspects during other seasons that aren’t wonderful. Wait, were there too many negatives in that sentence? At any rate, I think you catch my drift. It’s probably because of my thin Florida blood that just hasn’t thickened up with the rest of me.

There is just a hint of color in our pretty silver maple in the backyard but soon it will be a glorious vision just calling out for lots of photographs. There are places all around our little town that I photograph mainly during two seasons – Fall and Spring, oh and winter, if it snows. Spring, because of the beautiful blossoms on the azaleas, and then the awesome hues of greens in the new leaves. Fall, because of all the soft light shining on the leaves that are heavenly colors of red and gold. In the summer, my photographs all seem to consist of grandchildren, water, boats, sand – not necessarily in that order of course.

Even the vegetables have picked up the color of the turning leaves at the Farmer’s Market.  There are still heirloom tomatoes to savor, pumpkins for the front and back porch, mums in every color of the rainbow – making it so hard to choose. It’s not quite time for collards because we need a good frost to bring out the sweetness, but soon.

Games have started back up for our grandchildren. Soccer and flag football consume our Saturdays and we love it. But one of our sweet grands won’t be playing soccer this season as of yesterday. She fell and broke her arm and is now wearing a Carolina blue cast. It might look like Duke blue but she is definitely a Carolina girl, except when Michigan is playing.

Fall means Halloween which is a big happening in our area. We’ve already heard about the costumes and the imagination gene is strong in our family! “Marie” and “Toinette” are ready  to go , but they’re still working on how to get people to know who is who. Maybe signs stating, “I’m Marie” and “She’s Toinette”? The older sister (8) thought of it so she gets to be Marie. Baby sister (7) is just tickled to be going along hand in hand. Of course the boys want to be something dreadfully gruesome. And our little redhead with the broken wing is also dreaming up something scary. The funny thing is that I was also Marie Antoinette when I was little. My mama made my costumes each year and I have so many memories of her urging me to stand still while she tried to pin up the hems! I know she’d love seeing these five.

I’d love to ride up to visit our son in Asheville because we are heading in to the biggest show of color in the North Carolina mountains this week. Of course the Blue Ridge Parkway will be bumper to bumper with people enjoying the changing leaves.

As a child growing up in Florida, we didn’t get much of a change from season to season. Oh there were seasons, but it was mostly,  football season, the oranges are ready to be picked season, basketball season, time to go help with lighting the smudge pots because the orange blossoms might freeze season, the azaleas are blooming season, baseball season, and my favorite, the lakes are back warm enough to swim season.  There were a few of us who loved to take a dip on Christmas but that was just on a dare.

So it’s fall here in North Carolina which means the old beach house is closed – this time with new chimney caps that Arch made of hardware cloth. We hope that the raccoons that we caught (3) will NOT find their way back home and if they do, they will be so put out by not finding their birthing place available, they will leave in disgust for parts unknown!

I hope that you all are having a beautiful fall, and our friends in Australia are loving their spring weather. I can’t wait to get out this afternoon and take some pictures of the pretty maples at the college up the road.

So get out there and make some memories because it’s fall, y’all!


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