When I wrote my last blog I was preparing to travel to the US for Forever LIVE! 2016 in Nashville. You might remember I was just a little bit excited!

Well, I’ve been and come home, and this blog is just to say a huge THANK YOU! I need to say thank you to my amazing pixels2Pages team who welcomed me, looked after me, showed me around and made sure I was always in the right place at the right time. Thank you to Mary for waiting hours for me at the airport and driving me 300 miles to Tiki Island. Thank you to Jan (and Rex and Crockett) for putting us all up for the week before LIVE, being so very welcoming and making me feel right at home. Thank you to Mary and Jan and Anne for feeding us so well during our stay on Tiki Island. Thank you to Shelley, Kim and Tameka (as well as Jan, Mary and Anne) for the warm welcome and many happy memories of working and laughing together. Thank you to the whole team for taking me on an adventure, introducing me to new culinary experiences, and giving me a great time. Most of all, thank you for your incredible creativity, hard work and generosity in the work we do every day, and for inviting me to be a part of it all.

After our time on Tiki Island, we flew to Nashville for Forever LIVE, where I met my fellow workers on the Forever team for the first time – and again I have so many people to thank. Thank you to Mona for the way you not only put the whole event together (and kept it together), but also for making sure that everyone on the Forever team was OK, knew what they needed to do, and got a break when they needed one. Thank you to Jeff and Sandy for your tireless help in the crop room. Thank you to all the staff I met who were friendly and welcoming. Thank you to Glen for starting this company, for having such a great vision to help people preserve their memories, and for bringing pixels2Pages along for the ride.

Of course, Forever LIVE would not have been the amazing experience it was without our wonderful Ambassadors and customers! Thank you to everyone who came, for the way you welcomed this stranger from Down Under, for the support you showed us by being there, for your enthusiasm for Forever and for Artisan and Historian, for coming to the breakouts, for making the p2P After Party and the Denim & Diamonds Gala so much fun for all of us. It was an absolute highlight of the trip for me to finally meet so many of my friends face-to-face!

And finally, I have to thank you – our fabulous pixels2Pages members and Forever customers – whether you were able to join us at LIVE or not. Thank you for supporting this company. Thank you for being our members, reading our blogs and tips and challenges, watching our videos, using our Blueprints, taking part in our crops and being a wonderful community in our Facebook groups. Thank you for buying Forever permanent storage for your photos, and digital content in the Forever Store, and for printing at the Forever Print Shop. Every dollar you spend on memberships, storage, digital content and printing helps pay for the ongoing development of Artisan and Historian; for the Support staff who answer your questions on the Help Desk; for the Home Office staff who look after our Ambassadors, produce advertising materials, keep our storage accounts going, and plan and run events; and for all the things we do as the pixels2Pages team. We truly could not do this without your support, and we are so very grateful for it!

Here’s a page I made using some of the photos from Forever LIVE taken by our official photographer and available to view at  https://forever.forever.com/shared/albums/-SAM74KC0_Y

Content used: Nashville Star by Lucky Girl Creative, Convention Sampler Pack by DesignerDigitals (Forever LIVE freebies). Font: East Market.



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4 Responses to Blog: Thank you!

  1. Helen Coutant says:

    how did you get the photos into the fonts?

  2. Wanda Brown says:

    So glad you made the trip to Nashville; wonderful to meet you in person! Love your accent too!!

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