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Today’s blog is a bit of a departure for me, as it’s not about my personal life or my personal pages, but it is about something that affects me daily.  If you’ve ever sent a message to the p2P team using our info@pixels2Pages.net email, you’ve probably gotten a reply from me.  I answer lots of questions on our Facebook page and in many of our Facebook groups, as do all of the members of the p2P team.

The pixels2Pages team is happy to help with questions you have about Artisan and Historian and how they work; however, technical support is not our area of expertise. We want you to be happy with your software and we understand how frustrating it can be when technology isn’t working the way we want it to. We have all been there!  So my blog today is sort of a PSA (Public Service Announcement) about how and when to contact the Forever support team so that you will get the quickest resolution for the problem that you may be experiencing.

Sometimes updates to Windows 10 cause some issues with Artisan 5. I can’t stress enough how important it is that the Forever support team should be the first place you go whenever you are having technical difficulties!  Likewise, if  you are experiencing problems ordering something to be printed or you’re not happy with something you received from the printer, Forever support is the place to go.  If you have questions or run into problems with any Forever product (like your Forever premium storage account or the Forever app or Forever conversion services), Forever support will have answers for you.  You can reach them by emailing support@forever.com or by calling 1-888-FOREVER (if you are in North America).  You may be surprised to learn that Forever support is available from at least 8 AM to 9 PM ET US from Monday through Friday and from 10 AM to 6 PM ET US on Saturday and Sunday!

Reporting problems through the Forever support system is best for everyone, because it allows the support team to direct inquiries to the right place and because it allows them to know right away when there is a new problem. Answers to frequently asked questions are close at hand and can be passed along to you by the support team. In addition, questions and answers don’t get lost the way they can on comments on this website, on Facebook posts, in emails to individuals, or in Facebook messages or texts to individuals.  You can even make suggestions for new products or enhancement to current ones by emailing your idea to support@forever.com!

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with Artisan or Historian, you may have gotten an error message and/or been asked if you want to send an error report.  It is always helpful to send that report AND to send an email to support@forever.com at the same time!  In your email, just let the support team know that you sent an error report (if you can give an approximate time, that would be great) so that they will know to look for it.

Now that you know who to contact and when you can expect someone to be available, let’s talk about what to say when you’re connected.  This is important information whether you are calling or writing, because you’ll want to be prepared for the questions that you will be asked.  If you know these answers ahead of time, it will save you time and frustration!

1. What software program are you using? (Artisan 5, Artisan 4, Historian 4, StoryBook Creator, Memory Manager, etc.)

2. What is the version number of the software program? (Click blue circle with a question mark in top right corner of your open software and go down to ‘About’ to see the exact version number of your program.  Copy and paste the entire number into your email.)

3. What about your computer?  What operating system (OS) are you working with? (Windows 7, 8, 10, etc.)  Is it a 64 bit or 32 bit? (Click HERE if you don’t know.)

4.  What browser are you using? (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Windows Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.)

5. Are you receiving any error messages?  (If you are, please take a screenshot of the message or write it down, if possible.)

6. Also, what are the steps that you are taking to get to this error message?  (The more specific you can be about what you were doing before you got the error message, the better!)

7. Can you send a screenshot of the exact error message?  (If you call in, you will be asked to email the screen shot, so it may be faster to email instead of calling if you are getting an error message.)  To take a screenshot, use the snipping tool (just enter ‘snipping tool’ in the bottom left search area in Windows) that comes with your software.

8. Remember to mention whether or not you sent any error reports and about what time you did.

9. Have you rebooted recently? (If not, try this before contacting support – you’d be amazed how often that will solve the problem!)

10.  If you are calling support, and you happen to get a voice message, please clearly state your full name (spelling it out can be very helpful!) and slowly and clearly leave your preferred phone number.  Leave a brief description of your problem by answering the questions listed above.

11. If you are emailing support, please include your first and last name and be sure you’ve sent your message from the email address you’d like support to reply to.  If you have other email addresses that may be associated with your Forever or p2P accounts, please list those.  Making sure you have answered the questions above will speed things along.

These are the questions you will be asked if you are submitting a ticket (that’s what it’s called, whether you call or email support) about Artisan or Historian.  The clearer you can be about the problem you are experiencing and the more details you can provide, the better the support team will be able to troubleshoot and help you.  Sending a request that says only “Help!” will not get you very far very fast, nor will writing about your problem in a way that requires mind-reading to know what you are talking about.  And, as mad or as frustrated as you might be, remember that the person reading your email or answering your call is there to help you.  As my mama taught me, you will catch a lot more flies with honey than with vinegar!

You may be contacting support about a print shop issue, in which case they would require different information, such as the customer’s name, the order number, and photos of and description of the issue.  If it’s a web application issue, screenshots are helpful (especially regarding an error message) as well as the web browser information.  If it’s a mobile issue, support will need to know what kind of phone you are using, what version it is, and if you updated your Forever application recently.  If you have issues with your pixels2Pages membership, it is will be faster to send an email to info@pixels2Pages.net, as we get all of those questions anyway!  Be sure to list your full name, your p2P user name, and all email addresses associated with your account after you check HERE first!

The goal of the Forever support team is to respond to tickets within 24 hours, and typically it’s faster than that.  As things get busier during the holiday season and at the end of sales specials, it could take more time for the support team to respond to all tickets, so a little bit of grace and patience would be appreciated.  Full resolution of your problem can take longer than that depending on what the issue is and how much digging the support team will need to do or if it’s a fix that needs to be done by the Product Development team.

Keep in mind that opening a support ticket is a two-way street – the support team will be counting on you to respond back to their questions in a timely manner as well.  When you receive suggestions for how to remedy your problem, it’s really important that you follow them to the letter.  Read the instructions all the way through before you do anything, and if there is something you don’t understand, ask before you start.  When your issue is resolved, be sure to let the support team know, and if you haven’t heard back from support after 24-48 hours, please check in again.  There have been several instances recently where emails from the support team were being blocked by the customer’s email protection systems, so you may want to call in if you emailed originally!

Finally, a big shout out to the Forever support team – they work hard to make sure you are happy customers!  They love hearing your positive feedback, so if you’ve had a good experience with someone on the support team, be sure to let them know.  And, although no one loves hearing criticism, we do pay attention to it and use it to improve what we are doing, so if you think we dropped the ball or could have done better, we need to know that, too – and we’d rather hear it directly than read about it on Facebook.  All of us at Forever want you to be satisfied with the purchases you’ve made, and we appreciate you and your business so much!  Here’s hoping the suggestions included here will make your Forever support experience a good one.


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11 Responses to Blog: HELP! Contacting Forever Support

  1. Barbara says:

    I second the positive comments about Forever Support. I have always received a speedy, helpful reply and have been bowled over (twice!) to receive a phone call from a pixie. I have never experienced this level of quality support from any other software company. Thank you to Forever for realizing that when things go awry, a timely reply is wonderful.

  2. Linda Riley says:

    Jan, you did an excellent job communicating this information. I’ve never had any technical issues, but I’m getting a new computer, so I may need this checklist if things don’t transfer smoothly.

  3. Deanna says:

    I’ve contacted Forever Support via email on several occasions, and have always received timely answers from team members. Your steps listed above are good to know. Would it be possible to get a handout of these for future reference so I don’t have to go find this blog again in the listings when I need to remember what information they may need from me? If not, that’s OK, but it would be helpful.

  4. Karen says:

    Computers and IT staff have been a big part of my life for almost 30 years and your message above is well said Jan. “Hats off” to Forever Support, I have never had to wait the 24 hours for a response from them.

  5. Lori Morris says:

    Hi, Jan
    I just wanted to let you know that i have had to contact forever.support several times in the past few months for several different issues i encountered when i upgraded to Windows 10 and also had to transfer my software program to a new computer, and everyone that helped me at support went above and beyond. They were so helpful and contacted me almost immediately. I used email to contact support and they were very fast with a response time. Thank you to the forever support team!

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