I am famous for underestimating the scope of projects I take on. It might be because I am hopelessly inefficient, or chronically unable to correctly assess the amount of work involved,  but I prefer to put it down to relentless optimism. Last month I wrote about some changes we were planning to the website. Initially thet were planned for October 1, but it’s now November 2 and the changes are still a work in progress. True to form, this has been a much bigger project than I expected it to be, but the end is in sight! Well, the end of stage 1 is in sight, anyway – we have lots of future plans but you’ll have to be patient and hear about them another time.

The number one thing I have been working on is making the website easier to navigate. Until now, the site navigation has been mainly centered on content type – videos, tips, challenges etc. When you want information on a particular topic, you didn’t always know whether to look under tips or videos, for example. Sometimes you aren’t looking for something specific but perhaps you’d just like to see what we have on cutting tools or tracking lines or photo mats. Of course there’s always the search box, where you can type anything you need, but sometimes even that lets you down because you don’t know the right words to type. Don’t ignore the search box though – it’s often the best way to go right to your target.


For all those reasons we have added a whole new section to the website, called “Browse By Topic”. All the familiar menus are still there, but we’ve added this section to help you find what you need in the shortest time possible. Let me take you on a bit of a tour.

The Browse by Topic menu is easily accessed on the mango bar at the top of every page on our site. Hover over the main heading and the menu will instantly drop down.


There are currently 9 “topics” on this menu. As you can see there are more to come and you should see them appearing soon. Each of those topic buttons listed on the menu functions in two ways.

If you click on that topic button, a new page will open. Each of these pages has the same format and I encourage you to check them all out. At the top of the page in large print you’ll see the topic which this page is about. Below that there are a number of blue buttons. Each button addresses a section of that topic. We have tried the break down the major topics into smaller sections to help you narrow down your choices. Below that you’ll see a pinterest-style listing of everything that comes under the heading of the main topic, listed chronologically with the most recent at the top.



Instead of clicking on that topic, you can just hover, and the next menu will pop out.  For example the Cutting Tools menu looks like this:




You’ll notice that the options match the buttons on the cutting tools page.  So if you know just what you want, you can quickly scroll through the menus and click on one of the items on that last level to go straight to a screen which lists everything we have on that topic.

We know these changes will make it easier to find whatever you need on Already I am finding I am using these new menus all the time and wonder how I managed without them. Do let us know what you think! And keep watching for more changes in the no-too-distant future.



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7 Responses to Blog: Making progress

  1. Lindy says:

    FANTASTIC update!!!! So helpful! 🙂

  2. LindaIOSMe says:

    Great idea! Should be especially useful for forgetful folks like me who seem to remember I’ve read something about cutting or frames or whatever but don’t remember where or who posted it or anything that might be remotely useful! Thanks!

  3. Cindy Rold says:

    Thanks for your hard work in making this happen.

  4. Karen Jones says:

    That is an incredibly awesome change! What a great way to 1. Find a specific you are looking for and 2. Browse some new ideas for a project. Thanks!

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