Life is full.  Over the past few years a couple health issues have arisen related to a fall on the ice.  It’s obvious me and ice do not get along so I hibernate indoors if or when we get a blast of it in Texas.  One of those issues has been hip problems.  I had to give up running and even brisk walking had undesirable effects.  After a series of trials and errors and physical therapy I have now found that I can swim, do a low impact version of an exercise series called T-25 and bike.  My sweet husband purchased a bike for me a few weeks ago.  We went with inexpensive since I wasn’t sure if I’d even enjoy it.  Not sure why I thought that because I loved bike riding as a kid.  I chose this retro looking bike.  I love the bright color and it just fits my character I believe.  The first outing was a little sketchy.  I haven’t ridden in a while and getting my riding groove took about a 5 mile route!  I have loved riding my bike. The mornings have been perfect and it helps me enjoy a peaceful start to my day. A few days ago I was a couple miles from home and there were a group of what appeared to be middle schoolers waiting for the bus.  One young man hollered “Hey lady, I like your bike!”  Made me smile because I do too!  Maybe he was making fun of me but I chose to take it at face value! I also get some great thinking done while  listening to my music and riding.  So why am I telling you?  Multiple reasons.

  1. Don’t give up on being active if at all possible.  Keep on trying something new til you find something that works AND that you enjoy. Make a page on it.  Write about the why. Smile while you do it!  Choose joy.
  2. Explore something new.  I really didn’t consider a bike until I was almost out of options.
  3. Remember as we grow more “mature” we need to take care of our precious memories.  Being grateful for my health, family and friends has  new meaning after a couple years of seeing doctors up close and personal!
  4. And on all of those above mentioned items, don’t procrastinate!

I do keep my photos up to date in my Historian software and my Forever account.  I’m loading favorite pages to Forever too.  If something unforeseen were to happen to my scrapbooks then at least my favorites are safe and sound.

Hug your loved ones and keep movin’ for their sake and yours!

Happy Trails,


Forever Artisan 5, software,

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4 Responses to Blog: Keep Movin’

  1. Fay Wilde says:

    I’m with you Mary, ill health has me sitting more than I every have. But I still keep moving and do what I can. Hugs always to my family who support me in all my doings

  2. carolyn says:

    I think I just figured out what I want from Santa! This a great idea. Thanks. I love your bike too

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