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It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for me – I left Tiki Island eleven days ago, bound for Pittsburgh for the Forever Retreat there. I arrived on a Wednesday afternoon and my friend Cindy picked me up at the airport and took me to Sewickley for some girl time and shopping.  We were in luck, as it was “Wine Walk Day” and stores were open late, and best of all, I texted my Forever friend and sales team member, Shelley Murray, who came down to say hello.  She brought her new puppy, Honey, who is an Australian Labradoodle like Crockett.  After Cindy and I enjoyed a delightful dinner al fresco (yes, in the first week of November!!) at Willow, we went back to her house and watched the Cubs win the World Series!  Such an exciting night!

The next morning I ubered into Pittsburgh and worked at the Forever office all day, sharing a “hotel room” office with Tameka and the awesome Mona Rau, our events coordinator.  We laughed all day long, solved most of the world’s problems, and even got lots of Forever work done as well.  That evening, Erica in accounting and Elizabeth and April in customer service took us out to the event hotel and to dinner at Pig Iron Pub in Cranberry.  Shelley M joined us later and we had such a fun evening connecting and then preparing for the weekend retreat.

The retreat started Friday morning, and while I was kinda sorta hoping to work on some of my projects, because goodness knows, I am so behind – I knew that I’d probably end up helping Tameka and April answer Artisan questions at the event.  I did get some work done – I imported over 13,000 photos from memory cards into my Historian vault (I said I was behind!) and still had time to answer questions.  For the record, at every p2P LIVE and Forever Retreat I’ve been to, the majority of the questions and help needed involve Content Manager.  If you struggle to find your content and gather it all in one place (Step 1!), start HERE.

Saturday morning, my computer decided to go on strike, and it refused to open.  It’s still being ornery.  Lucky for me, I have another PC at home and all of my important stuff is on an external hard drive, and I also had my Mac with me, but it’s been very frustrating not to have access to Artisan and Historian for a week now!  I had so much work to do – some sample pages for p2P, a birthday invitation and poster for Gray, a page for this blog post, and I really wanted to get lots done in yesterday’s Ambassador-only Virtual Holiday Open House.  I feel almost like someone cut my right arm off!

On the bright side, since Artisan was not an option for me this week, I was able to really enjoy spending time with my grands!  That’s right, I rode from Pittsburgh to North Carolina with my old CM/Team Leader friend Carmen and spent the whole week with my daughter-in-law and my grandkids while my son was out of town.  We had so much fun, but like they say, there is a reason why you have babies while you are young!!  By the time I hopped on a plane yesterday afternoon, I was exhausted!  I took two naps on my way to meet Rex in Seattle, and then I didn’t wake up until 8:30 this morning.  That’s 11:30 in my most recent time zone!

Even better, keeping an eye on the kids and staying busy with them kept me fairly protected from the election fallout.  I did stay up late on Tuesday to see the results, and I spent most of the day in Durham visiting friends, most of whom were disappointed, but the kids kept me grounded.  Needless to say, I have plenty to make pages about when I get back home and back to Artisan.  For the next few days though, I’ll just enjoy taking those pictures and making the memories – and planning what all of my pages will look like!

My main message to you is this – BACK UP!!  You never know when your computer will breathe its last or when your external hard drive will say ‘enough’!  I wish I had taken just a bit more time to share the pages I recently completed to my Forever account so I could have had them when I needed them this week, but I’m thankful enough knowing that they’ll be waiting for me when I get to a PC that works.

Have a fantastic weekend, and look for some Seattle and grandchildren and Forever Retreat pages from me before too long!


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  1. Linda DeLaughter says:

    Breathe deeply, dear Jan, and enjoy your time in Seattle! Hopefully, your computer will come back off strike very soon, or it will get a newer, faster brother! LOL!

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