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There is no question that I love Forever Artisan™ software.  One of the things I love about it is the fact that it can be as simple and complex as I want it to be.   Sometimes Artisan gets a bad rap, because depending on what you want the software to do, there can be quite a learning curve.  Being an avid user of the software, I have come to the following conclusions.

Benefits of Artisan:

  • It is an offline desktop software that does not require an internet connection to design in.
  • It is robust enough to rival professional photo editing software.
  • It can be used on more than one computer.
  • You have access to themed digital content.
  • Artisan can be suitable for anyone.blog_simpleorcomplex_tb-3

There are several types of scrapbookers.  I like to call them (us) memory celebrationists.  In my opinion, most of us fall into one of three dominant categories – simple, enhanced, or decorative.  While we all have a dominant category, we can also dibble and dabble in all of these categories.

The Simple Style:

  • You want a quick and easy way to create keepsakes.
  • You want a simple way to share a project.
  • You’re not huge on digital content.
  • You love pre-designed pages.


Artisan has lots to offer anyone with a simple style.  Auto-populate allows you to select your photos, select your templates and let Artisan generate your book.  All you have to do is add journaling.  You can have a completed album in less than an hour.  There is a modest selection of free templates for you to choose from without being overwhelmed with lots of content.  You also have the freedom to open a pre-designed template book and drag and drop your photos exactly where you want them and change the template.  You don’t have to learn how to use various tools in the software.   Just drag, drop, journal and order.

The Enhanced Style:

  • You want to experiment with different digital content.
  • You want a starting point, such as a Blueprint, template or pre-designed page, but then want to tweak it a little.
  • You want to use the basic tools in Artisan to make changes to your pages.
  • You may occasionally want to experiment with an advanced technique.

Artisan comes to the rescue again. If you want a little more than simple, there are options for you.  You can start with Blueprints, templates or pre-designed pages and use the tools available in Artisan to arrange and edit your photos and embellishments.  Add an extra embellishment or two.  Get creative with your titles.   It doesn’t take much to make a page your own.

The Decorative Style:

  • You often start with a blank canvas and enjoy watching your vision unfold.
  • You like to push the software to the limits.
  • You are curious about all the features within the software.
  • You like lots of content options.

Artisan is truly a powerful software that has the ability to rival popular software used by professionals.  You don’t have to explore this functionality in Artisan, but it is there when you are ready.  Build your pages from scratch or completely transform a Blueprint or pre-designed page.

No matter what your style, pixels2Pages has offerings to support YOU.  You have the ability to use Artisan on your terms.  Only you can decide which functionality suits you.   My only recommendation is to Start Where You Are.

A few months ago, I conducted a live webinar that created pages from a blank canvas in three different styles (yes, simple scrappers were taken out of their comfort zone and started their pages from a blank canvas).  Take time to watch the webinar which is linked below.  HERE are the handouts with notes and Put2Practice regarding Deeper Dive Artisan 5 webinar – Simple pages.  CLICK HERE to purchase Artisan.  Share this blog with anyone you know who is considering using Artisan or has some questions about how Artisan can serve their needs.


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2 Responses to Blog: Artisan – As Simple Or As Complex As You Want It To Be

  1. Karen says:

    Well said Tameka. I think we all start with a simple style and the more we learn the more we grow. p2P training is the best there is, very concise and easy to understand. The Challenges / Bright Ideas help us to step outside our comfort zone and the videos are awesome. (They will always be a Challenge to me!) I love seeing how someone else works and always pick up a tip or two. I do believe that one of the best things about Artisan is that it is on my computer and can go anywhere with me so I am not restricted to being within internet access to use the program. Thanks so much for all that you and the other Pixies do. My books are so much better for p2P training and it is the best money I spend every month.

  2. Laurie Crawford says:

    Thanks for posting. I am definitely going to watch the webinar. I’m usually one of those that starts with a blank page. I find it easier than tweaking. Love lots of content and do get frustrated when I can’t find the right button or have done something and can’t remember how to do it again. Luckily I’m a P2p member. ❤️

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