Are you still decking your halls? I know that I am. Seems like there is never enough time to get everything done and then just sit back and enjoy the season. Do you ever ask yourself, “Why do I keep doing this to myself?”

I did spend all day yesterday out shopping looking for one special present. I walked around the entire mall and bought nothing. I then went to 4 stores and bought nothing. I really want to support  our local stores but came home so exhausted from fighting the crowds and then the traffic. And it was so simple to just go online and place 5 orders in a matter of minutes. Then why do I feel like a grinch?

I still want to put my hands on a gift. I want to feel the texture, see if there is a scent, turn it over and hold it up to the light. That’s impossible to do when ordering online. I know that I can hover and zoom but I miss the actual touching.

Instead of shopping or decorating the house this morning, I decided it was time to go through the toys in the hall that are sitting out for the grandchildren. They’re getting older, 10, almost 9, 8, 7 and almost 5. They always drag them out and will play happily while they’re here. But it’s past time for some of these toys to find a new child to love them. Especially with Christmas coming on.

I love a quote that one of our girls put up on her FB page weeks ago. It’s a quote from Michele Icard about holiday giving to our children, “Something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read.” Our daughter added the following, “Love this idea as we head into this season to help reduce the over abundance of stuff. Maybe with that catchy phrase above, we can add at the end “and something to give to someone in need”….

I think those are excellent guidelines to keep in mind as we shop – either at the mall or downtown or even online. It’s so easy to get caught up with the frenzy that this season can bring and to lose track of the real reason for the season.

We never know what the next day will bring, do we? I always promise myself that THIS YEAR is going to be different. This will be the month that I’ll get everything on my list done early. And will celebrate each time a task gets checked off the list. And this is the year that we WILL send out Christmas cards with a group photo of our five or maybe even a big family photo!

This is the time of year I think of my favorite Cathy comic strip. She’s out shopping and when the salesperson asks if she can help, Cathy replies, “Make winter be over. Make me feel happy and alive. Make it be Spring. Make me thin and beautiful, laughing and dancing in the moonlight – wrapped in the arms of a man who adores me!” And the salesperson gets this funny look on her face and says, “May someone else help you?” I bet there are thousands of people who work behind counters and those who take our orders over the phone feel the same way.  It’s easy to get frustrated this month. Not enough time, not enough energy, not enough ______. You fill in the blank. So when that discontented elf starts trying to settle in, I just put on some Christmas music (Trisha Yearwood), and look around. We all have so much to be grateful for: a warm bed, a refrigerator with food to fill our tummies, a family, a friend. What more do we need?

Every December a small group of us gather for lunch. It started out for those of us with December birthdays but quickly spread to our closest friends. And sure enough, 3 of them brought their beautiful cards with precious photos of their children and grandchildren. I love seeing each of them and how the children have grown. I adore getting cards in the mail, taking the time to sit and relish each one. Hmmm – maybe next year we’ll be the ones sending a similar card! (I’ve been saying this for 10 years now!)

Right at this moment there is a tiny little bird who is tapping on the window right next to my desk. I’ve never seen one with his coloring before. A tiny bright orange thatch on the top of his head and then a light sage green with darker green wings. I’ve tried to discourage him by moving the pillows around on the window seat and have even gotten up so he can see me. He flies off but quickly comes back to start tapping again. The bird feeders are empty, and I need to make a trip to the bird seed store. Maybe that’s it. Or perhaps he’s as tired of the cold weather as I am (thin Florida blood) and wants to come in to the warmth! For a few minutes, I forgot about the tasks that haven’t even been started and just watched this little Christmas colored bird pecking at my window. And now that he’s flown off, I am missing him. But it is hard to record a video with that tapping and me wanting to watch him!

I am always grateful to be part of the pixels2Pages team. We are each blessed because of the friendship, help and encouragement we receive every day from one another.  Because of this team, and our p2P business, we’ve been able to meet many of you and hear your stories and enjoy your friendship, too. And now that we have joined with the Forever team, there are even more blessings to celebrate!

So my wish to you this holiday season is that you find the time to be with family and friends – to enjoy peace at the end of a busy day, and to find and keep the spirit of Christmas close in your heart.

Happy memory making,


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Designs by Laura Burger: Miracles of Christmas Scrap Kit

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Creative Memories Legacy: Noel DK, Christmas Fun DK

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  1. Jan says:

    Great blog, Anne – I can relate, for sure! But always grateful for family and friends, and so blessed to be doing something I love with people I love! xx

  2. Debra Benbow says:

    I love this blueprint! Is it available?

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