Rabbit, rabbit y’all!!

And Happy New Year to you!  Here’s hoping you already have your 2017 Forever-printed calendar ready to hang on your wall, but just in case you’re like me and perhaps running a wee bit behind, you’re in luck!  Calendars are on sale (30% off!) at Forever until 6 January 2017.  Use the promo code HELLO2017 at checkout.  We’ve got your back!  I’m working hard to get my calendars done this week, because I don’t know about you, but mine already have a LOT of things to be added to them!  So much for that clean slate!

I have lots of news and fun things to share, so without further ado, let’s go!

Welcome to the pixels2Pages team, Shelley Murray!

I’m thrilled to announce that the awesome Shelley Murray is joining the pixels2Pages™ team as we expand the scope of the p2P website and membership.  Shelley has been at Forever since the early days, and she is the go-to person for all things Forever.  Shelley’s role at pixels2Pages will be to add more training about other Forever products and services and to show how well they work with Forever Artisan® and Forever Historian™.  Shelley will be doing one video each month, she’ll be blogging, and we’ll be easing her in to some other p2P areas as well.  We are excited to have Shelley and her passion for Forever and her expertise about the ‘big picture’, and we hope you’ll join us in giving her a big welcome.  In case you don’t know Shelley already, here is a short video she’s done to introduce herself to you.



Changes regarding posting on our Facebook page and groups start today!

One of the main reasons we have a Facebook page is to foster a sense of community among our members and followers.  We love seeing the completed pages you post there, and we love reading your comments on our pages and on the pages others have posted.  We have laughed and cried together, and we’ve been around the world and in your backyards!  We know your families, your favorite colors, sports teams, and foods.  When we meet you ‘in person’ it’s like bumping into an old friend.

However, we have many more ‘likes’ than we do pixels2Pages members, so some secondary goals are to share Forever Artisan, Forever Historian, Forever, pixels2Pages, and the power of digital scrapbooking with others.  For that reason, and because of your feedback, we will be modifying the terms of the p2P Facebook page and p2P Facebook groups slightly. Our new guidelines for posting are:

  • We invite you to share your digital scrapbook pages on our Facebook page. Posting a comment, page or question on the pixels2Pages Facebook Page conveys your acceptance of pixels2Pages’ terms and conditions. We reserve the right to display your page and/or comments on the pixels2Pages.net and/or Forever.com websites, in marketing materials, and/or in training modules. We commit to give proper credit to such material whenever possible.
  • We train people to use Forever Artisan, Forever Historian, and Forever Projects for digital scrapbooking. We invite you to post pages created using:
    •  Forever Artisan, Forever Historian, and/or Forever Projects AND
    • using and crediting something you learned from pixels2Pages AND
    • using only digital art that can be or was purchased in the Forever store.
  • When posting pages here, please list:
    • content used (templates, papers, embellishments, overlays, masks, frames, word art, alphasets, shapes, etc.) and credit the designer of the content
    • the pixels2Pages technique (from a tip, video, or blog), challenge, Blueprint, and/or Pixie Dust used
    • all fonts used on the page
  • No solicitation of any kind, including links to websites (other than Forever.com or pixels2Pages.net), blogs, or other Facebook pages is allowed on this page without prior permission. Pages and posts of this nature will be removed without notice.
  • Post only pages done using your actual photos – no stock photos please.
  • If you are a Creative Team member, please post pages done purely for advertisement purposes somewhere else.  Pages posted in violation of these terms will be removed without further notice.

With regard to our Facebook groups, we will be changing the name of Artisan 5: Good2Know to Forever: Good2Know.  Those of you who visit that group frequently know that we get posts and questions about much more than Artisan 5, so it just makes sense to expand the scope of the group.  Plan2Scrap and Our2Cents will remain the same, and in all three of these groups, we ask that you adhere to the same guidelines above if you are posting a page.

In addition, the solicitation rule applies in these groups, and we ask you to keep in mind that all of these groups are sponsored by Forever, and we choose to limit the discussions in all of these groups to Forever products.  They are not the place to discuss other companies or options for printing, software, digital art, etc.  We want these groups to be positive, happy places for customers, potential customers, Forever Ambassadors, p2P members, and potential p2P members to visit, and while we do not enjoy playing ‘Facebook police’, posts that do not adhere to these guidelines will be removed at our discretion and without further notice.  If you have complaints, concerns, or suggestions about Forever or its products, please contact support@forever.com or call 1-888-FOREVER.

We appreciate your understanding and your support of these guidelines, and we can’t wait to see all of the fantastic pages you share with us next year!  We have some fun ideas designed to make visiting our Facebook page even more compelling, so stay tuned.

Day2Day 2017

You know that a new year means that it’s time for a new Day2Day book, and the new kits are in the Forever store now!  Click HERE to see them.  Our Day2Day queen Janice Gilhooley has made it SUPER EASY for you to stay on track in 2017, so we encourage you to give it a try!  Read more about the 2017 Day2Day project HERE.

We have been loving seeing everyone finish their 2016 projects – it is a big undertaking and we commend those of you who have stuck with it!  I always look forward to Sundays and Mondays and seeing how the Day2Day themes have been interpreted.  I have to admit I’m a bit envious of those who have such a fun photographic record of their years.  If you get those books ready to print this month, you can save 20%!  Use the promo code ALOOKBACK at checkout.

Some of you have asked for a way to be held accountable for this project, and we suggest that you join the Plan2Scrap group and commit to posting your weekly pages there.  Of course, we love seeing your pages on the p2P Facebook page, too.

More Digital Art News

We know how much you love collecting cute new digital art kits, so you’ll want to make sure you’re in-the-know about what’s coming this month:

  • We will be saying goodbye to designer Peppermint Creative this month, so this will be your last chance to buy her kits from the Forever store.  All of those kits will be on sale at 20% off from January 6 – 12, 2017.  Use the promo code PEPPERMINT at checkout.
  • StoryBook Legacy Collection Release: from January 13 – 19, 2017, there will be 25 rebranded Creative Memories art kits available.  There are two sales involving these kits:
    • Buy a bundle featuring 20 of the 25 kits for $49.99 using the promo code STORYBOOK at checkout.
    • Buy a bundle featuring the 5 Valentines kits plus an exclusive card kit (valued at $12.95) with the promo code VALENTINE.

  • You may purchase any of the above kits individually at regular prices – you do not have to purchase in bundles only.
  • Deal of the Day: Save 50% on a different art kit each day (check the Forever website after 10 AM Eastern each day to see the new deal) with the promo code DEALOFTHEDAY.

Since the p2P team is part of the Forever family, we are no longer serving as Forever Ambassadors (at least, not in the same sense as before!).  If you have been choosing the p2P team (pixAbilities) as your Ambassador, we want you to be able to select a Forever Ambassador as your new ‘person’ instead of continuing to choose p2P when you check out from the Forever store.  If you need or want suggestions, just email info@pixels2Pages.net and we can help you find someone that will meet your needs.  Again, thanks for your prior support!

It’s almost Virtual Crop time!

Our next quarterly crop will be January 27-29, so plan now to keep that weekend clear.

The theme is ‘Scrap Camp’ and we are planning fun things for you.  January is always such a good time to get loads done!

Upcoming Webinars

As you know, we’re offering two monthly webinars – one for Forever Ambassadors only and one for p2P members and potential p2P members.  The focus of these webinars is pixels2Pages, so don’t hop on expecting Artisan or Historian training.

On the first Monday of the month (that would be tomorrow!), at 9 PM EST, we will air “Build Your Business with pixels2Pages” for Forever Ambassadors only.  The main topics we’ll cover are how to apply to be a pixels2Pages Affiliate and how to use pixels2Pages in your Forever business.  To register for this webinar, click HERE.

On the third Monday of the month, at 9 PM EST, we will present “Maximize Your Membership with pixels2Pages” for anyone – current, former, or potential pixels2Pages members.  You do not have to be an Ambassador to attend this one.   We will offer you tips for navigating the p2P website and strategies to help you make the most of your membership investment.  To register for this webinar, click HERE.

p2P e-Newsletter

Are you on our e-news mailing list?  We send updates when we have them – click HERE to subscribe to that list – and we have a series of emails that we send to new pixels2Pages members.  If you have trouble finding your way around the p2P website, I encourage you to consider asking to be added to this email series.   Click HERE to subscribe to the new member email series.  Just a note – it will take us a bit of time to update the new member messages so that they reflect the new look and function of the website.

p2P LIVE Events and Forever Retreat Weekends

As mentioned last month, we have a good number of live events going on all over North America, and we hope you’ll be able to join us for one (or more) of them.  Here are places and dates of upcoming events:

  • Forever Retreat Weekend 6-8 January 2017, Novi MI Trainer: Jan McCallum; Coordinator: Anna Broome
  • p2P LIVE MEGA WEEKEND EVENT – not planned, but it happens that we have THREE events this weekend!  20 – 22 Jan 2017   2017-p2p-live-logo
    • Bailey, CO  Trainer: Jan McCallum Ambassadors: Sheri Wernke and Lane’e Willardsen
    • (waiting list only – contact jan@pixels2Pages.net if you are interested – event starts on 19 January)
    • Sebring, FL Trainer: Tameka Bond; Ambassador: Cindy Swilley
    • San Diego, CA Trainer: Kim Mannino; Ambassador Jenny Lynn Campbell
  • p2P LIVE 3-5 March 2017, Portland, OR  Trainer: Mary Browder; Ambassador Pam Winn
  • Forever Retreat Weekend 24-26 March 2017, Dallas TX Trainer: Mary Browder; Ambassadors: Phyllis Malallah and Cheryl Sheehy
  • p2P LIVE 31 March – 1 April, Windsor, Canada Trainer: Tameka Bond; Ambassador: Kathy Gordon
  • p2P LIVE 28-30 April, Asheville, NC  Trainer: Anne Lineberger; Host: Liz Propst
  • Forever Retreat Weekend 5-7 May 2017, Calgary, AB Trainer: Jan McCallum; Ambassador: Deanna Johnson
  • Forever LIVE! 2017 3-6 August, 2017, Phoenix, AZ at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix – tickets on sale –  order yours now!
  • p2P LIVE 27-29 October, Toronto, Canada  Trainer: Tameka Bond; Ambassadors: Karen Walker and Carol Painter

p2P LIVE events are coordinated by local Ambassadors and hosts, and space is generally limited.  If you are interested in attending one of these, please email forever@pixels2Pages.net.  Forever Retreat Weekends and Forever LIVE! are sponsored by Forever and registration is online – just click the link for details and to reserve your spot.

Forever Ambassador Program

Forever is always looking for Ambassadors who will help spread the word about Forever Artisan®, Forever Historian™, pixels2Pages™, Forever Storage™, and Forever Digitization Services.  We hope you’ll consider joining that effort – for information about how to sign up to be a Forever Ambassador (and a p2P Affiliate), please click HERE.

December Posts

Now let’s see what was posted on p2P last month – click HERE to see everything posted on pixels2Pages in December.

January 2017 Calendar

Finally, here’s what you can expect this month, thanks to Tameka’s fantastic calendar.  We encourage you to download and print out the calendar each month to help you keep track of all that’s available to you.





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17 Responses to Blog: Rabbit, Rabbit January 2017

  1. Kelly M says:

    So if you have to credit something used from p2P as well as only use designers from Forever, does that mean only p2P members can post to the p2P Facebook website? That is what I am understanding here, as how can you credit something if you don’t have access to p2P. Would love the clarification.

    • Jan says:

      There is a good bit of p2P material that is open to anyone – Back2Basics (Artisan 4) and Getting Started (Artisan 5) plus the Free Resources, blogs, and YouTube videos. Using things learned from any of these can be credited, or non-members can use p2P Blueprints purchased from the Forever store. So no, we do not intend to limit page posting on our Facebook page to p2P members only.

  2. Barbara says:

    Happy New Year Pixies! Add my thanks to those already given for all you have taught me, guided me (and not laughed at my sometimes silly questions!) over these years. A quick suggestion to consider: with the updates you have done to the website, I would love it if there were quick links to upcoming crop dates and also the current month’s calendar. Maybe under Events? Just a thought.

    • Jan says:

      Thanks for your acknowledgement, Barbara! There is a quick link to the calendar, on the sidebar directory (page two > p2P). Crop dates, as soon as we know them, can always be found in Rabbit, Rabbit. But we will keep trying to come up with more places to post them!

  3. Ruth Bell says:

    Happy New Year to you, Jan and all of the Pixies. I do miss the way you used to highlight the offerings of the previous month. It capsulated each type of offering. Now they are just the way we see them when we choose “Recent” on the menu.

    • Shelley says:

      It is similar to clicking Recent, except it only includes things posted within the month, so even if you go back to this post in 6 months, you will still see all the December posts gathered in one place. I understand what you are missing from the old way, but this way you can click on anything you may have missed, so it more functional than just a collection of images. Hopefully you’ll learn to love it 🙂

  4. Donna Ames says:

    I have a quick question on posting pages. I have a LOT of older CM kits. Can I post pages using those kits? I’m working on a page now that will probably have the Delight Baby Girl Kit used on it. I don’t have to post it, but was just wondering. Obviously I need to do more organizing of content so if I have some newer baby kits I can find them.

  5. Fay Wilde says:

    Yeah here we are in another year. Thank all you Pixies for all the many things you have taught me over these past 6 years. I owe so much to all of you for helping me struggle along. Was so happy to have met Jan and Meka this past November. I am starting off this year with day2day I have done a couple of them and enjoy lookin back on those years. Thank you all again and again.

  6. adakallen says:

    The Bundle used to prepare the Calendar is SIMPLY GORGEOUS! Already on my wish list!

  7. fbailey says:

    Hi-I do not have a Facebook account and I have no desire to have one. As a result I cannot access Our2Cents and Forever:Good2Know… Is there anyway around this so that I can access this content? Thanks.

    • Jan says:

      I’m sorry, Faith, but the topics covered in our Facebook groups are available to people who choose to have Facebook accounts. We’d love to have you join in, but it’s your choice. Our Facebook groups are ‘extras’ – not membership-related. Mostly, they are places where people ask questions or post pages. Questions are answered with links to the website. I am pretty sure you can look at the p2P Facebook page even if you do not have a Facebook account.

      • fbailey says:

        Well, you can see about 2/3 of the complete page as there is a white box on the bottom part that says “See more of Pixels2Pages by logging into Facebook.”…… so it is kind of a pain. Oh, well, there will just be more time to scrapbook instead of reading Facebook.

        • Jan says:

          Faith, you should be able to close that box or at least minimize it. I just looked at the pixels2Pages Facebook page on my husband’s phone (he does not have a FB account) and I could see all of it. Then I logged out of my FB account on my laptop and although I couldn’t get rid of the box completely, I could still scroll and see everything on the p2P page.

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