FOREVER Artisan 5® has a super handy feature called Event Lists. The first thing you should do before creating your Calendar project is decide if you want to add events that will be printed on your calendar. There are several pre-installed Event Lists which allow you to add various Holidays and Observances. You can also create various user-defined Event Lists that will allow you to customize your calendars. This feature is particularly helpful when you have created one calendar that you plan to give to several friends and/or family members, but you want to customize the events on each person’s calendar. The most amazing part about the Event Lists feature is that once you create a list, you can add those events to your calendar year after year with just a few clicks. Join FOREVER™ Training Executive, Tameka Bond, as she walks you through the process of creating your own Event Lists. Since the software will ask you to add events before creating your Calendar project, Event Lists is the perfect place to start this workshop.

Event Lists [3:30 mins]



This Tutorial can be downloaded and printed for easy reference. It reinforces what was shown in the video. This tutorial is courtesy of FOREVER Support & Training Consultant, Shelley Alexander.

This workshop consists of several parts. Click the links below to go directly to a particular section:

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26 Responses to Calendar Workshop Part 1 – Event Lists

  1. Diane Mosakoski says:

    I have created several event list on my laptop but I would like to transfer them to my desktop is this possible?
    Thanks Diane

  2. Is there also a way to change the colors for the events that you added to the calendars? This is great. I have so many to do for gifts. Thanks

  3. Cheryl Gaibler says:

    Can the pre-defined event lists be expanded to see what is listed? Can the events in that list be modified or deleted vs having to modify them after put on the calendar?
    Thk you

    • Kim says:

      Hi Cheryl,

      Yes, the list can be expanded. Click on the blue question mark at the top right of the software, click on options and then Calendar event lists. Double click on the event list name and you will be able to see all the events listed in that group. The list can be modified. Click on an item in the list, you will be able to edit and existing entry. If you make changes to the list, you will need to re-apply to an existing calendar in your project.

  4. Martha Byrnes says:

    Creating a new calendar and added events. Used 2018 blank as a base. Changing months to 2019-2020 I lost all the events. How can I keep them to avoid re-keying? Thanks

    • Kim says:

      Hi Martha, when you change the calendar year or month, the events for that month get cleared. You can still apply your events list to the “new” month. Right click on the calendar and click on “add events”. You will be able to select from your event list and it will populate the calendar month you are editing.

  5. fbailey says:

    Hi-I used the events list for Canada. I noticed that there is a spelling error for Remembrance Day. Forever has spelt the day as Rememberance wih an “e” that does not belong after the B. Hopefully that edit can be made.

  6. Caroline says:

    Where do I find the pre-defined calendar event lists in A5?

  7. Marjorie Webb says:

    When listening to the video, I experienced several spots where the sound “cuts out” so that I miss several words at various spots in the explanation. Does anyone else have this problem, or is it my computer?

  8. Kaye Rhodes says:

    This is super, Tameka!! Thank you!! I have tried in the past to do event lists in my calendars but have given up when I couldn’t change the font or font size to match what I was using for the other characters on the calendar pages. Is there a way to do that?

  9. I use the calendar feature at least once in every book I am currently creating – trying to record time living overseas. Sometimes I don’t have a photo, but want to record what I did day to day. Great to get some more ideas.

  10. Karen Bowser says:

    This is new to me and is fantastic!! Worth the time to learn so that I save time later. Thank you

  11. Tammi Long says:

    I LOVE this feature!!! Can’t wait to use it! 🙂

  12. Lianne says:

    If I make an event list for my husband’s family and an event list for my family – both including us – what happens when I make our calendar that includes both families. Will it list my husband and I twice? If so, will it allow me to delete one set after I add the events to my calendar?

    Thanks so much!

    • Tameka says:

      You can make a list that includes both families, then you also make a list just using his family. When you create your calendar, if you need both families represented, only select the list with both during calendar creation, otherwise you will have duplicates.

  13. Gail Woodward says:

    Thank you for the video. They are always outstanding. I do have a couple of questions. Where on our computer is the file for the event list? If I wanted to create an event list as a countdown to someone’s birthday, is there an easier way to do that than enter each number in the appropriate dates? My grandchildren love to have a desk calendar with the countdown along with other family events. I have separate events for each family. I had events for each grandchild’s countdown, but when I got a new computer a few years ago I had to rebuild all my events. I just haven’t taken the time to rebuild the countdown events because they take so long to build. I hope this makes sense.

    • Tameka says:

      Hello Gail.

      For your “countdown”, if you plan to do the “countdown” year after year, I would create an event list. If this is something you will only do once, I would just Type notes in to the cells for the countdown. View the Notes and Images section of this workshop to see how. There is no easier way than I can think of

      If you are looking to backup Calendar Event Lists, this tip will help you:

      • Gail Woodward says:

        Thank you so much Tameka. It is something I was doing year after year and had even created leap year. However, now that most of my grandchildren are a little older I probably won’t rebuild except for a couple of them that are still at the age where they like to count down and will want to do it for several more years. The things we do for our grandchildren. (lol).

  14. Cheryl Upfold says:

    Tameka: Awesome and I have only just started. Lovin’ it!! Thank You.

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