You can create a beautiful calendar in minutes using your favorite photos or JPEGs of page layouts you have created in the past year. Join FOREVER™ Events and Training Associate, Mary Browder, as she walks you through the simple process of starting a calendar project.

In this video, Mary will be using the 12×18 Blank Calendar Template which is available  free in the FOREVER Store and she filled the calendar with JPEGs of completed scrapbook pages.  The steps shown in this video and the 12×18 Blank Calendar Template can also be used when creating an 8×12 Calendar. Although you cannot use the same template to create an 11×8.5 Calendar or 10×4 Desktop Calendar, you can still use the same techniques. Simply download free blank 11×8.5 Calendar Template and 10×4 Desktop Calendar Templates from the FOREVER Store to start these projects.

If you want more design options, you can use any of the dozens of pre-designed calendars and templates available in the FOREVER Store in the 12×18/8×12 size, 11×8.5 size or Desk calendar size. You can even use templates from years past. (You will learn a simple way to change the year of your calendar in the Format Calendar section of this workshop.)

For instructions on installing your free Calendar Templates and Calendar Kits, scroll to the end of this post.


Start A Project [2:02 mins]



This Tutorial can be downloaded and printed for easy reference. It reinforces what was shown in the video. This tutorial is courtesy of FOREVER Support & Training Consultant, Shelley Alexander.

Saving Completed Pages as JPEGs

This video will show you how to save your completed scrapbook pages as a JPEG so that you can add that JPEG Image to your calendar projects.

Saving a Single Page for Sharing

This workshop consists of several parts. Click the links below to go directly to a particular section:

  • Calendar Workshop Home
  • Part 1: Event Lists
  • Part 3: Blueprints and Templates
  • Part 4: Format Calendar
  • Part 5: Add Notes and Images
  • Part 6: Shortcuts
  • Part 7: Gallery
  • Part 8: Other Inspiration

    Tip: Installing your Calendar Template:

    The calendar template kits are in “.pakit” format. This is the standard proprietary format of kits sold in the FOREVER Store, and allows you to bring the kits into your FOREVER Artisan 5® Content Manager.

    Add the template kit to your cart and proceed to secure check out. Place your order. Note: If you have chosen Blank Calendar templates that are free, you will not be charged anything.

    Click the green download button to download the kits.

    The kits will usually automatically be saved to your Downloads folder, unless you have chosen an alternate location. Once the download has completed, open the Artisan Content Manager from the Home Screen of Artisan > Manage Content. Click on Import Content.

    Choose Commercial Art Kit.


    Navigate to your Downloads folder (or wherever you saved the files to). If you can’t see the thumbnails, make sure your view is set to large or extra large icons, or look for files with the extension “.pakit”. Click once to select one of the kits, then click Open.

    Choose which library folder to import the kit to. If you have not customized your library folders, choose Commercial Art Kits.

    Click OK and the kit will install. You can now use it as shown in the video above.

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4 Responses to Calendar Workshop Part 2 – Start A Project

  1. says:

    I would like to change the color of the birthdays in the calendar. Is there a way to do that? Also change the color of the month?

    Thanks, Mendy

  2. fbailey says:

    Hi-I went to new project and chose Calendars as you show on the video and I chose 12×18. When I enter to chose a template I only get two options: Blank and Blank Calendar 12×18 whereas you have a total of 15 options on your screen. Why do I not get all the options that you have as I would like to do a 2019 calendar. Thanks Faith

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