You may not need to change your calendar format, but just in case you do, this segment of the workshop will review everything you need to know to make your calendar look as good as you imagine. We will review important terminology, such as “padding”, and how that terminology applies to each section of a calendar. Join FOREVER™  Training Executive, Tameka Bond, as she walks through formatting a calendar from beginning to end.

Format Calendar [6:19 mins]



These Tutorials can be downloaded and printed for easy reference. It reinforces what was shown in the video. This tutorial is courtesy of FOREVER Support & Training Consultant, Shelley Alexander.

This workshop consists of several parts. Click the links below to go directly to a particular section:

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11 Responses to Calendar Workshop Part 4 – Format a Calendar

  1. Tammy Kirby says:

    Is there away change the calendar so start in middle of year all at once. Instead of doing one month at a time?

  2. Jo Blankenship says:

    Is there a way to change the default font for calendars permanently so I don’t have to do it each time?

  3. Kakie Currey says:

    I can edit and change my calendar, but its not allowing me to save. I am trying to insert a calendar to a page. and is it possible to add more than just 1 calendar per page?

  4. Jan in Peachtree Corners says:

    So, is the calendar formatting only per month? Do I have to go into each month and set each up individually?

  5. I want to do a perpetual calendar. Where can I find a template for that?

    • Kim says:

      Hi Linda,

      To find the perpetual calendars, go to Digital Art at In the search type in “perpetual calendar” – there will be a few calendar choices for you.

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