It takes no time to create and customize your project, but believe it or not, there are tools available to make the creation process even faster.  In this printable tutorial, FOREVER™ Training Associate, Anne Lineberger, will show you how setting default calendar styles and using the sample and apply tools can simplify and expedite your calendar making process.

(Note:  When using the Sample and Apply  and Default Calendar features, some of the style changes you make may not carry over.  This will be addressed in a future software update.  In the meantime, you can continue to use these features as they will still expedite your calendar creation process.)

As mentioned earlier in this workshop, you may want to create one Calendar (from a vacation, with children’s art, etc.), but give it to several different people – perhaps from different sides of the family or different sets of friends. Whoever they are, different dates will be important to each of them.  This tutorial, also from Anne, will show you how to duplicate your calendar project and change the Event Lists.  If you need a refresher on how to create an Event List, simply review Part 1 of this workshop.

In this short video, FOREVER Training Executive, Tameka Bond, will show  you a shortcut that will allow you to add multiple notes to your calendar at once.

Shortcut Video: Multiple Notes [1:07 mins]


Shortcut Tip:  Removing Events, Notes and Images from Cells

FOREVER Training Executive, Tameka Bond, has another tip for you.  Did you know it was super easy to remove all of the events, notes and images from your calendar month in just 2 clicks?  Simply right click the calendar, go to Calendar> Clear cells.   No need to go to each cell to delete. EASY PEASY!


This workshop consists of several parts. Click the links below to go directly to a particular section:

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8 Responses to Calendar Workshop Part 6 – Shortcuts

  1. Patricia Matsen says:

    Regarding ‘One calendar, multiple gifts’, after the calendar projects are duplicated and you are adding the specific events, is it possible to add the events to the entire project or is it one month at a time?

    • Anne says:

      Hey Patricia, if you’ve created individual event lists for each project, then all you have to do is click to add those events and they should fill in automatically just as the USA or Canada holidays are designed to do.

  2. Debbie Hanvey says:

    Hello Pixies, Thank you for this great training on calendars. I am learning some new tricks. I am on Part 7: Gallery. When I click on the link it give me a message saying the album has been moved and I am in my Forever account. Help??

    Thank you, Debbie

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