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“Me Time”? Is there any of that available anymore?  I think so.  I found myself over the last few years not doing much for “me” or so I thought.  My  vision of “Me Time” was sitting on the back porch swing reading a book which unfortunately only happens once in a while.  I started thinking on this a bit more when we were discussing our upcoming crop and how I would get organized to make me time! I’m fairly organized already so I started looking at projects to work on. While contemplating my future projects I looked through what I’ve already done this year and realized I have had “Me Time” and quite a bit of it.  When I’m working on sample pages I use my current photo and p2P Blueprints, Bright Ideas and Videos which help me have fun in Artisan 5 while learning more and more about the software.  I made 20 Christmas ornaments in Artisan 5 this year.  I made 4 ornaments last year and they were so darn cute I decided to “catch my grandkids up” and make one for every year they’ve been alive.  Historian allowed me to locate the images I needed very quickly.  When I got those ornaments back in the mail I almost started crying they were so cute and I had so much  fun making them and reminiscing about when the kids were born.  I also did ornaments of my own kid’s favorite picture they had sent me during the year and a few for my son and his sweet girlfriend from every year they’ve been dating.  Laura’s ornament was a picture from her first coaching job!

My son graduated from Full Sail University in October and I contacted a winery near where he lives to see if I could design my own label to use for their custom ordered wine bottles.  They said sure, gave me the measurements they needed, and off I went having a ball creating a label to put on a wine bottle to commemorate his hard work. More fun “Me Time” and a unique way to surprise my son!  I also made some cute signs in Forever Artisan 5 for a dessert bar at my good friend’s son’s wedding.  Everyone loved them and I again had fun designing them.

I’ve found that working with my pictures whether they are for my Family book, a project, ornaments or Day2Day , I get “Me Time”.  Working with Forever Artisan relaxes me and frees me from life’s not so good times, even if just for a little while. So I plan to make sure that my  “Me Time” is regularly scheduled so I can smile, relive and enjoy life’s precious moments.   I’m am thankful for the ability to be able to sit at my desk and be blessed with pictures to choose from of family and friends. Even the sometimes sad occurrences that remind us that we are human. These pictures remind us to take a step back once in awhile, slow down and reminisce.

This year I will have my Family Book to work on. I’ll need to finish up my Baltic Cities Cruise book and I’ve decided to do Day2Day again. Plus, I’ll  be keeping my eye open for just the right picture for 2017 Christmas ornaments!  Looking forward to a fun filled memory making 2017 alongside all of you!




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  1. Alison says:

    You’re inspiring Mary, the way you use your Me Time to bless others! And those signs look gorgeous 🙂

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