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Finding ‘Me Time’ has never been a challenge for me!  I’ve somehow managed to find time for the things that make me happy, that fuel my fire, that expand my horizons, that stretch my brain, and that refresh my soul, because those are the things that add bright spots to my days.  I’ve made time for me, even while raising a family, or working full time, or going to school, or doing lots of volunteering, or doing some of all of those things.  Call me selfish, but ‘me time’ is what keeps me sane!

I’ve found that throughout those different stages of life – college, young career woman, wife, mother, mother of teenagers, empty nester – ‘me time’ has taken different forms.  I haven’t always had the luxury of time or money or access to do what I maybe really wanted to do, so I’ve learned to adapt and adjust and re-evaluate my needs given the resources at hand.  I think that the important thing is to recognize that we all need to devote a portion of each day to something that soothes our souls and makes our spirits soar, because if we don’t do it for ourselves, who will?

Sometimes, finding time for myself has meant giving up something, like getting up earlier than I wanted to have time to exercise, or meditate, or do a crossword puzzle.  Sometimes it means finding a way to reward myself while I’m doing something that I may not really want to do, like listening to books while walking.  It may mean not spending money on new clothes so that I can save for a trip I want to take.  If I were a coffee drinker, it might mean doing without a fancy cup of joe to save money for something else I wanted more – but in both of those cases, it means having a plan for that big ‘me time’ reward and being intentional about making it happen.  Sometimes, finding ‘me time’ just means taking a break, even when you think you can’t afford to.  Be kind to yourself!

Like many people, January is always a time I look at what I want to accomplish in the coming year and plan accordingly.  Last year (like most years), I wanted to lose weight, but I didn’t really have much of a plan for how that would happen – the ‘let me take twenty pounds off of you while you sleep’ fairies did not materialize!  This year, I’m making time for exercise (so far, so good!) and accountability around what I eat.  Last year, I wanted to get lots of my own scrapbook pages done, and I set a goal to do one page a day.  Very lofty!  For the first three months of the year, I was on track.  My scrapbook time was at the end of the day, after the house was quiet, the phone wasn’t ringing, the laundry was done, and there were no meetings.  I loved it!  I was even ahead of my goal.  And then it was April, and I found myself with a new job and even more travel, and I lost sight of my goal and stopped working my plan.  Consequently, I didn’t get as many pages done as I wanted.

There is a silver lining though (ALWAYS!), because while I didn’t get 365 pages done in 2016, I did make almost 200 pages, and that is WAY more than I normally do in a year!  And, even more importantly, I actually finished a book and got it printed!  Yes, I am the cobbler who doesn’t mend her own shoes…this year I may need to have a goal around completed projects!  So as you take stock of your year and plan your ‘me time’ (another key – PLAN your ‘me time’!), think about the things that delight you.  Care for your mind, your body, and your spirit – and your photos!

We’d love to hear about your photo-related ‘me time’ goals, and a great place to share those is in our Plan2Scrap Facebook group.  For me, this year I am committed to completing a Day2Day book (on track with picture-taking so far, but behind in page-making) and to completing last year’s vacation book.  I also plan to have something for both of the grandkids by the end of the year.  What this will take from me is more late night quiet time scrapping, and it’s something I’m really looking forward to.  The Scrap Camp crop at the end of this month is just the jump start I need to get me going, because I have a bit of photo organizing to do as well.

However you decide to spend your ‘me time’, and however you plan to find it, I wish you joy.  I am grateful every day that I am able to do what I love and call it ‘work’.  I wish that same blessing for you!

So, wrapped in brown paper and tied up in string, here are a few of my favorites….

#p2PADayAtTheBeachBP Content Used: Enjoy the Ride and Home & Hearth by Forever; La Cremerie Chocolat by DesignerDigitals; Powder Blues Element Pak w Alpha by Cottage Arts  Fonts: KG Payphone and KG Ten Thousand Reasons Alt

And if you’re interested, I’d like to share my completed travel book with you:


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20 Responses to Blog: Making Time for ME!

  1. Jenny says:

    Beautiful Album, Jan! You scrapbook like me with trying to get lots of pictures on a page! Love all the journaling, too!

  2. L. Cheryl Brandt says:

    I’ve spent the entire afternoon reading every word of your book. You’re a woman after my own heart who journals all the memories and all the details, both simple and curious! It has to be done…you think you’ll never forget, but you will! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful tome. This is what I did “for me” today.

    • Jan says:

      Cheryl, thanks for your kind words and I’m delighted that you spent your ‘me time’ reading my England book, and even more that you enjoyed it! You are right – I want to get all of the details recorded so I don’t forget them, and that’s one of the things I love most about Artisan. You can put as few or as many words, pictures, and embellishments as you want!

  3. laurie7piper says:

    What an inspiration your book is! I feel so grateful to have you as a scrap-booking friend! And to be a member of p2P!

  4. mandypena says:

    Jan, I just went through your book! It is fantastic! I just read your pages on Harrogate.. I laughed so much!

  5. Sandy says:

    I love your book, Jan. There were so many things that caught my eyes as I turned the pages. Some of places I have been, and others of places I would love to see. The best part of this though was the simple elegance of the pages. They told the story just as much as the photos and journaling.
    I will be in London this summer with Girl Scouts and can’t wait to share some of these places with them.

  6. Amazing book, Jan! We traveled to England with my son’s U14 soccer team. Some of your photos brought back a lot of fun memories! I want to go back some day and see everything at a slower pace to really enjoy it more. We packed a lot into that trip and made the most of the time we had, but there were still a lot of places we didn’t make it to because we were short on time.

  7. sistersunshine says:

    Thanks Jan, I studied in England in College… broke student… not many pix… but lots of memories… your book brought back lots more. *U* Kathleen

  8. Lynn Bailey says:

    Beautiful story. And I’m scraplifting your page with the itinerary columns. Loved that idea!

  9. Kim says:

    Just enjoyed your vacation thoroughly through your book! What wonderful memories you created!

  10. Lori Morris says:

    OMG, your book is amazing. Loved it. Thanks for sharing.

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