The definition of “me time” (for me) is something that brings me joy and relaxes my mind.  Scrapbooking used to be completely “me time”.  It was a hobby that was creative and brought me joy looking at my photos.  Scrapbooking still brings me great joy, but it isn’t quite the me time it started out as.  Because I was able to develop my hobby into a job, often my personal scrapbooking is woven into the work I need to create.  Separating personal scrapbooking time from work is something I need to work on this year.

I think I would say the “me time” that really gives me a reset these days, is time away from my computer.  It is so easy to sit in front of the computer for hours and then realize I haven’t moved.  So, I set my Fitbit app to remind me to walk 250 steps every hour between 9 and 4.  That translates into a five minute walk around the block.  If I am successful, that is about 35 minutes of movement a day.  Most days, I accomplish about half of that goal. The other thing I enjoy is working in my garden.  I often call it my “little patch of dirt”.  It is just enough space to be a little creative each spring with flowers and of course my annual planting of tomatoes. I enjoy my hikes in the surrounding areas.  I get out and get my body moving and I can take pictures of beautiful scenery (which gives me inspiration for my work).  And, there is nothing like crafting with my hands!  That is where my journey began after all.  I love making special paper projects with my Cricut.

I think in the end, me time shifts depending on my roles and responsibilities in my daily life.  Me time takes me out of my normal daily responsibilities, gives me time to reset and come back to what I love feeling creative and more energized.

Me time goals:

  • Keep my body moving daily
  • Separate personal scrapbooking time from work responsibilities.


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  1. Trish Delaurier says:

    I got a fit bit for Christmas and have not set it up. Your blog reminded me to get moving and do that. So tonight that is my plan. Thanks for sharing and motivating me!

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