Usually when decorating my house the items used are my choices. My husband is just too busy and after 34 years of marriage trusts my judgment. One of our guest rooms is kind of travel themed. We have maps with pins marking our adventures. I needed one more picture for the room and went on a hunt in some local stores. At the same time I was working on some pictures from a trip we took with friends to Gulf Shores, Alabama. We’ve vacationed there for decades with our children and my husband spent every summer there at his “Pop’s” house when he was a child. Gulf Shores is one of his favorite places.  I found a picture from our trip that he actually took (I’m usually the picture taker and he’s the note taker) and had it enlarged and put on a 24″x 36″ canvas as a birthday gift. It is meant to celebrate him as an amateur photographer, his childhood memories and our current adventures in traveling. Our home is full of mostly things that have meaning. Not much random stuff hanging on our walls. When he opened the canvas gift he remarked, “You took a fabulous photo, it looks like I could be standing right there”.  I then told him it wasn’t my photo but his and he said, “You’re going to hang it in the house?”  My answer is on the wall.  We have had many comments about it.  When my son comes home for a visit that’s the room he stays in and he remarked, “Reminds me of our vacations there.”  That’s what it’s all about, taking photos and making them memorable.  Putting them on things or in books to relive and celebrate.  Those words are a balm to my heart and the joy I get from hearing them are beyond measure.  Now to hunt up some more photos to give as gifts.


















Let’s Get Together Bundle – Forever, Beachy Clusters and Stamps, DesignerDigitals. Font on canvas: Foglihten No 06.

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9 Responses to Blog: Memories Make the Perfect Gift

  1. Phyllis says:

    Came across this posting and just now reading it – I am ashamed to say – really really nice – I so enjoyed reading it and gave me some ideas! Thanks, Mar.

  2. Darlene Covucci says:

    what an absolutely beautiful photo. I have some that I have taken at the lake that we vacation at all summer. I may have to have some made up and use as art in my home, just like this

    • Mary says:

      Darlene, I love things on my wall that have meaning. Almost everything on our walls is from a gift or hand me down or taken on a trip. They bring great joy. Would love th see yours!

  3. Patricia Matsen says:


  4. Jan says:

    Great photo by Rick! The canvas looks fantastic. xx

  5. Katherine Scott says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

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