Love is in the air! We hear it every February, and it makes us think of young love, romance, hearts, and candy. But, for some of us, that love looks very different. My dad is that someone in my life.

This May, he will be 95 years young. He lost his wife about 15 years ago and doesn’t remember her. He suffers from acute short term memory loss. He gets around great, can take care of himself, but sometimes I’m certain he must be lonely. Yes, he lives with us, and is constantly with someone he loves – but, in light of his memory loss, does he have that one companion who he can share his love and trust with?

I’m happy to say he does! Hands down it’s his little dog, Baby Margo.

I used Forever Artisan to create this page depicting my dad and Baby Margo.

When you hear how they met, you’ll wonder how he ever began to love Baby Margo at all! About ten years ago, my dad spent some time traveling with my sister. She eventually came to believe that he should have a companion, so she decided to get him a little dog to keep him company.

And sure enough, when she found herself in my neck of the woods, we attended a local street fair and found the cutest little dog. She was so small she could fit in your pocket! We called her a pocket dog!

We thought we had it all figured out. But when we told him, dad’s first words were, “I don’t want no dog! As soon as you leave I’m throwing her in the dumpster!” I thought, “Oh no! Have we made a big mistake?!”

But my sister had a plan. She insisted on sleeping on my dad’s couch the day before her night shift at a local hospital, just so she could keep an eye on the puppy! Before the day was over she reported that she heard dad saying to the little puppy, “Come here baby girl – to your Daddy.” And the rest, as they say, is history!

With dad’s short-term memory loss he forgets anything that has happened in the last few minutes, but he NEVER forgets about his little puppy! Baby Margo is now ten years old, still little, only ten pounds, and is by far the most loved little dog in the world! Every night, without fail, dad tells her “Come on baby, we’re going to bed,” and she follows him. Every day, without fail, he asks where she is, if she has eaten, if she needs to go out. And yes, most days we hear these questions over and over and over again. But it’s because he loves her. That is his little baby, the one constant thing in his life that he can remember. And when you see him hold her and kiss her you know how much he really loves – it’s a deep and full love that one old man has for his one little dog, his constant companion in his small world where he can’t remember much else. He remembers love!

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  1. sistersunshine says:

    Oh Donna, I just was going back through all the posts since January (that pesky son of mine getting married kinda through my schedule off for a while lol), I read this over on the 4evR Blog, but re-reading it here I was moved to tears AGAIN… and just wanted you to know, that your Daddy’s love for Baby Margo is also a reflection of the love he has for YOU AND that you have for him… as is demonstrated by your daily joy in the journey as he ‘wanders away’ more and more each day… always remember his love is ever there. *U* Kathleen

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