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February is all about love and family for many of us, and our family is no exception.  Our granddaughter just celebrated her fourth birthday, and a week after that is my daddy’s birthday – he would have been 94, which is hard to imagine – and the week after that is the anniversary of the day Rex’s dad died.  He would have just turned 89, and we miss both of those strong, sweet men daily.  It also makes me feel really old that they would have been that old!  So while we will remember our dads and share stories about them, it does my soul good to celebrate our adorable little girl.

Elliot is all girl – her favorite colors are pink and purple, she loves glitter and nail polish and hair bows, she has a six foot tall dollhouse (and dolls to fit it), she adores her doll babies, swinging and singing are some of her favorite things, and princesses and mermaids are her friends. Her mom took Elliot for a special photo shoot in honor of her  birthday – and there was LOTS of glitter involved – so I knew I would want to make some special things for her to celebrate those photos.  How lucky am I that acrylic panels are on sale this week AND that the brand new “Hello Love” template by Forever was just perfect for what I needed?!?  It took me longer to choose which photo to use than it did to create and order my panel.  Photo credits to @imagesbyamberrobinson.

Of course, I couldn’t stop with just one picture, so I made a couple of pages for Elliot’s book, too.  For these pages, I used the pixels2Pages double page spread Blueprint called ‘Black Tie’.  I just love the built in opacity changes – all I did was drop in one piece of paper for the background, a few more for the mats, added three embellishments, and filled in the ready-made text paths.  It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Content used: #p2PBlackTieBP, Artistry d’Amour by DesignerDigitals, Fonts: KG Camden Market Script and KG Ten Thousand Reasons.  The Black Tie Blueprint was released in September 2014.

So when you think of love and family, who do you think about and how do you want to celebrate them?  Elliot decorates my life, so it was easy to want to decorate hers a bit!  I know she (and her parents) will love seeing this acrylic panel – almost as much as I loved making it!  Whose life will you brighten today?

Maybe your own walls could use a bit of color and fun – and if they could keep you organized in the process, how cool would that be?  Acrylic panels are perfect for making dry-erase boards, and since we are full of love this month, we have a gift for you from pixels2Pages!  Check out THIS VIDEO to see how to make your own memo board AND get a free Blueprint for one in the process!  Quick – these boards are only on sale for a few more days (sale ends 19 February 2017)!  Remember to use the coupon code WALLART25 when placing your order.  Here are a few examples of the kinds of memo boards you can make:

Here’s hoping that the rest of your month is full of love and happy family memories!


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6 Responses to Blog: Acrylic Panels – Hello Love and Memo Boards

  1. adakallen says:

    I saw a one-time blip of “Hello Love” in blue.

    I tried to change the template to blue but not too successful. I could change part of it but not all of it!


  2. laurie7piper says:

    Does an acrylic print have to be hung on a wall or does it have an easel-like back so that it can stand?

  3. Marie says:

    I love the Princess pages. Where would I find the BlackTie BP?

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