I have found Forever to be my scrapbook solution. Forever has helped me preserve my treasured traditional and digital scrapbooks. I am now rest assured that they are safe and I can show them off right from my phone or any web browser. Click below to see how Forever has blessed my family.

Forever is the Solution [6:17 mins]



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23 Responses to Forever Video: My Scrapbook Solution

  1. Joni Beugnot says:

    Hi – i recently bought storage from Forever. I enjoyed how you showed the different visions for Forever. I have thousands of hardcopy photos, numerous photobooks and lots of paper that I hesitate to scrap because i have 2 children. Now that i know it can be digitalized and uploaded to the Forever account, it gives me more incentive to scrap them. Once it is digitalizied can it then be printed as a hardcopy book? I also love the idea of having a family sight for all the pictures to share with relatives since both my parents are now gone.

    In my current job I work with a long term record program for company records, so this whole topic is exciting for me regarding pictures. What I would like to see is how fully utilized Historian to import into Forever. I wish there was more info as a whole on Historian. Mine is a mess with duplicates, etc and i do not have a lot of time to organize. I only want to upload the best photos to preserve in Forever. I hope you expand on the information on the how to videos. I have considered becoming an Ambassador but don’t feel there is enough information on the Forever site to make a decision. Sorry for rambling 🙂

    • Shelley Murray says:

      So nice to read your comments. Thank you for sharing some of your thoughts with me. Yes, you are on to something here! Once you have all of your printed photos digitized, you are able to create photo books and print them right at the Forever print shop. And as you mentioned, you are also able to simply create albums in your Forever account to share those digitized photos with your family members.

      It sounds like your job offers you a big picture of how photo storage works. I am sure there are some similarities to record storage. You are able to uploading photos into your account right from your computer or on your mobile device. Being that you have a lot of photos in Historian, you have several options as far as how to get them into Forever. One, is to select the photos that you want to use and once the are in the “work area” in Historian, you can share them with your Forever account. The other option is if you want to bring all of your historian photos into Forever, you could use Valet which is our bulk uploader.

      I would recommend that you begin working with an Ambassador. Many of our ambassadors are experts in Forever and would be able to help you with Historian and Forever. They also would be a great resources to share with you about our Ambassador program to see if it is a good fit for you. We would love to have you. It sounds like you have passion for your memories and that is the most important part. Do you know an ambassador that you may want to work with? I am happy to help you find someone who meets you needs. Thank you Joni!!

  2. Kathy Tuzzolino says:

    I just read that this video, which as others have pointed out is more VLOG than training, has now been posted in YouTube and is available for free to anyone who wants to view it. Are there plans to replace this with an actual video tidbit for the paying p2P membership?

    • Shelley Murray says:

      Hi Kathy, Yes I made this available to those who are not paying p2P members on YouTube. Several of the p2P members asked me if they could share this video with others. I thought this video would be a good one to share in hopes to get more Forever users to join p2P so that they can access training here in this community. As mentioned above, this is not really a training video. It is more of an introduction of me. The actual training videos will only be available through p2P. There will not be a video to replace the one that I put out last week.

  3. Ruth says:

    I notice at the moment that digitisation services a currently only available in the US and Canada. I am in Australia and have hundreds of my dads old slides I would like to get digitised. Are there any plans to open this up to the Australian market so that I can can out the extra process of getting them digitised somewhere else and having to then upload them to a forever account?

  4. Janice Phillips says:

    I am in agreement with June and the 2 Karens. I have been with p2P for about 5 years. Everything I know about Artisan I can credit to the wonderful Pixies. I love Artisan5 and am amazed at how much more I have to learn about it. I want to be able to continue to learn and share what I have learned, but I am starting to feel uncomfortable and fearful of what is happening to our beloved p2P. Among the basic things, is it going to be priced to something that I can no longer justify, as many of the kits have at Forever, as well as the printing of books? With our Canadian dollar as bad as it is, I paid about $300 for my last book with 30% off. This probably isn’t the place to discuss this but I hope that you can see my concern. That means I have to be very careful of what I chose to have printed. I have a book for a holiday with my family 4 years ago that is still not printed as I need 3 copies. Sorry to go on and on, but I am feeling very frustrated right now!

    • Jan says:

      Thanks for sharing your concerns with us, Janice (and June, Karen, and Karen). I wanted to pop in to try to allay some of your fears.

      At this time, there are no plans to increase the price of a pixels2Pages membership. We are well aware of the extremely high exchange rates for many of our international members, and we appreciate that you have stuck with us.

      As we announced in January (see Rabbit, Rabbit), Shelley Murray joined pixels2Pages to help us provide even more training. Given that Shelley is new to p2P, she wanted to ‘set the scene’ this month so that you can get to know her a bit and see that she is a long-time scrapbooker and digital scrapper, and how she uses Artisan, Historian, and her Forever storage account to achieve her memory-keeping goals.

      We have heard your feedback regarding the lack of true training in this month’s video, and we ask you to be patient – it’s coming!

  5. Wanda Brown says:

    I loved your video as it helps show us all how to navigate Forever and how it applies to everything else as well. As a customer and an ambassador; well done!! Can’t wait to see it on youtube to share as it explains so much useful information on how to save our albums and pages that we have spent so much time on to share with others without always ordering extra copies of every album.

    • Shelley Murray says:

      Hooray! I am so glad that you felt this video was valuable! I will get it up on the YouTube channel today. You can find it under the play list called “Forever Training”

  6. junegauntley says:

    Many of us are p2P members (for a long time – 5 years or more) and look to p2P for our training, for which we are prepared to pay a yearly membership fee. I, too, look to Forever to get instruction on using my forever account, but I look to p2P for instruction on using the Artisan program. I am disappointed, as Karen Jones is, that there appears to be “advertising for Forever” on the p2P site, even though we know Forever now owns p2P. We feel our beloved p2P is disappearing. And that does not feel good.

    • Shelley Murray says:

      Hello June. Thank you for posting your thoughts. I am sure others may be thinking the same thing. I want to assure you that p2P is not going away. We have found that many people are asking for training on how to use Artisan, Historian and Forever together. People are asking about workflow and best practices as it relates to permanent storage in Forever. We have decided to add this training to p2P and include it in the p2P membership. We are not taking anything away from p2P….just adding me and Forever training to the mix. Feel free to take what you want from the additional training and leave the rest behind if it doesn’t interest you. Also, as I replied to Karen, I do admit that the last video was a little bit like a sales message. I was really just trying to set the ground work of who I am and why I am here. And how I can relate to the p2P members because I have had an Artisan passion since the SBC software was released. You will not see anymore videos like this in the future. From here on out they will be true training videos! Hang in there with us!

  7. Karen says:

    I did my first digital scrap book in 2007, and I have been a follower of the Pixels2Pages group since before paid memberships and also look forward to digital Artisan and Historian training on this site. Without this training, myself and many others would have given up the program and looked for something easier to use. Training of Artisan and Historian is a very IMPORTANT factor on keeping this program viable. We have many Face Book groups and a wonderful Forever Ambassador Website with excellent training explaining the ins and outs of Forever I have to ask, why here too. Yes, I realize, p2P is part of Forever, but the digital training from the p2P site is one that I for one appreciate.

    • Shelley Murray says:

      Thank you for your post Karen. I am so glad to hear about your love for p2P and how it has been such a great resource to you. You are right, we have offered Forever training type videos on the youtube channel, on the ambassador training site, and in the support area on the Forever website. You will still be able to find the basics in these three places. What we will offer in the p2P membership is a much more robust training. I will provide resources to help you with workflow, using Artisan and Historian with Forever, and best practices within the Forever account. I think, those who are interested in this kind of training, will be pleased. Also, know that this is an additional offering. And it only makes sense from a business prospective to have all the training coming from the same place. I hope you will be pleased with what we have planned for this type of training.

  8. sistersunshine says:

    Dear Shelley, peace & joy. I have to admit that this grey haired granny doesn’t embrace change real well, but I do try to keep an open mind. When I heard that you were joining the p2P team I wondered what that would mean to the dynamics of one of my almost daily ‘fixes’. Your short ‘bio’ last month was interesting but didn’t give me enough info… this month I got the info I needed to know that YOU ARE ONE OF US…lol. We memory keepers eventually get to the point when we wonder what is going to happen to all our hard work. I have given literally 100’s of digital gifts, mostly albums or storybooks, and unfortunately in today’s society it seems to be hard for the receiver to let the giver KNOW that they enjoy the work and thought that went into the gift (hey don’t ask me the last time I wrote a thank you for a special meaningful gift myself… I’m just as guilty), but more than a thank you, I wonder if my gifts are lost in the moves today’s highly mobile society are making. Your ‘pain points’ may not exactly be my ‘pain points’, but I know that our hearts beat together as one… on wanting our stories live beyond our lifetime. I truly hope that as you continue to blog with the rest of the pixies you will share things like your work flow with your current digital scrapping, and how your organize your ongoing projects (if we TRULY are of the same kin, you have more than one ongoing project on your computer… do you upload page by page… what about revisions to pages rearranging them (on your storage account) do you wait until you order and then upload the ‘ordered’ pages and delete the ongoing album (ongoing as you are creating it)… I have scanned and created digital versions of many of my traditional albums… how do you have them ‘nested’… you can tell that I have a ton of questions… I have been going back and uploading my older storybooks to Forever (I figure if I did a good job of journaling… those would be what my great great grandies would want to see anyway … not 1,000s of photos that I really do not have time to curate completely… don’t shoot me, but I’m being real… my priority is getting my albums all up (traditional and digital, then heritage photos WITH DETAILED JOURNALING… professional family shots (paid enough for those darn copyright releases… need to make sure those are in there too lol. Any way I’m rambling… but I look forward to seeing how your workflow from both Historian & Artisan up to your forever account is done. Thanks for making this video part of the ‘Free’ offerings that p2P has… we have many people that have our software or earlier versions that don’t know about our ‘Parent’ company… you did a nice intro into online PERMANENT storage. Thanks. *U* Kathleen

    • Shelley Murray says:

      What a wonderful and encouraging post. Thank you! Yes….we are very similar! And you are on the right track! Scrapbooking and journaling are certainly the best ways to preserve family stories and memories. Many people do not scrapbook, but also want to a place to be able to preserve photos and stories. Storing lots and lots of photos, is just one way people use Forever. Some use it as a digital table to bring everything together and delete those things that are not needed. For the scrapbooker, some use Forever as the place to keep all of their photos so that they can be organized and then scrapped. I will be sharing some of the answers to your questions as we move through the training. But, as far as me personally, I make a lot of pages throughout the year and will send them to Forever as I make them so I can see them on my phone and share them. But, when I am making a quick book like a vacation, I will put it in Forever as soon as it is completed. I will be sure the pages are arranged in the same order as the book. I personally nest by year. So when you click on 2016, you will see my Hilton Head book, Destin Book, and photos from each month so that I can complete my year book. And then when I get my year book completed, it will be there too. I hope that answers some of your questions. Thank you for your sweet welcome to me! Feel free to reach out with any other questions or ideas you may have about this additional training.

  9. Taylor Teresa says:

    I thought this was very good. I would love to be able to share it, too. I lost all my albums in Katrina and so I started over completely after that, recovering the pictures I could, digitizing the negatives I still had and then, saving to CDs, DVDs and multiple hard drives. I now use Forever and am ambassador and in the spirit of the words of Scarlett O’Hara, “I will never lose my photos or scrapbooks again!”

    • Shelley Murray says:

      I am so so sorry for your loss Teresa. My mom, a Forever Ambassador, shares a similar story when she is sharing about Forever. She went down to help in the relief efforts of Katrina. She was impacted by all the photos that she was pulling out of the debris. These are moving testimonies full of much compassion. I love your quote!! I am sure you offer Hope to others through your story and Forever. Thanks for sharing! I hope to meet you in person one day. I will be posting this one video for you to share with others.

  10. crefreeman says:

    I enjoyed this video, and as an Ambassador with Forever would love to share it with my clients as a way to promote Forever. Will this video become available on our you tube channel?

    • Shelley Murray says:

      Thank you Crystal. I am glad that you liked it. Yes, I will put this video out to the Ambassador Community in a simple format. And you can feel free to share it from there. You will be able to find it on the training site once it is uploaded or under the playlist, “Welcome to Forever”.

  11. Karen Jones says:

    Very unhappy to see a commercial for Forever rather than the P2P content I look forward to. Hope this trend is not permanent.

    • Shelley Murray says:

      Hello Karen. I do appreciate your honest response here because it allows me to describe the vision that we have for me being a part of the p2P team. We have lots of Forever Members who are asking for training on Forever. We want to make training available to everyone on Forever Storage and Projects, just like we have training on Artisan and Historian through p2P. In taking the first step towards this goal, I wanted to introduce myself to this community. I did so by creating an introduction video for January. My February video was designed to dig in a little more and explain how I have found Forever to be my solution. I felt that many p2P members would relate to all the problems that I had as a lifelong scrapbooker. I think you will be pleased with the upcoming programing that I have already outlined. I have planned a robust line up of true training that I am sure you will find helpful when using your Forever Storage account. Again, thanks for your comment and I assure you that I will work hard to put out solid trainings on using your Forever Storage account in the future.

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