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It’s no secret that I love to travel, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of my favorite digital art kits from the Forever™ store is the Pocketful of Travel Memories kit by pixels2Pages™.  This 7 x 5″ predesigned softcover book comes with a cover and 25 pages.  It’s a companion piece to the Blueprint Book called (wait for it) Pocketful of Memories, which is the same book but it has no content in it – it is full of blank templates ready for you to fill and decorate as you want.


I wanted to see how quickly I could put together this little book, so I waited until the night before this blog was due to even open up my Forever Artisan® program to look at it!  It took me an hour to choose the fiftysome photos (from the 5000 photos I had from which to choose!).  It took only 30 minutes to put the photos in the book, and I’d say another 30 minutes to proofread, autofix, and just tweak here and here. I’m big on telling the story, so it took me several hours to do the journaling (and the research needed to complete it).   In all, I probably spent about five hours creating the book start to finish, but had I been a bit more prepared, it would have been even faster.

I used all of the predesigned pages and only made minor adjustments to suit my needs – I switched a few pages around, added maybe three photo holders, and changed the size of a few more.  I’m always amazed when I use a predesigned book (which isn’t very often) how nicely my photos end up working with the content on the pages, and this book was no exception.  HERE is a link to the cover and pages that I shared to my Forever storage account, so that you can see what you think.

Now that I’ve seen how easy it is, I may find myself using predesigned books more often – why don’t you give it a try and see what you think?  Oh, and if travel is not your thing, try the Pocketful of Heritage Memories version or the brand new Pocketful of Spring Memories, which will be released today.  And remember the unfilled version is available, too – it’s a bargain at only $5.95; the predesigned versions are $6.95.  Let me know how you like it!
Blog header credits: Orange Cream & Cabanas Bundle by JumpStart Designs; Naturals 4-pak AlphaSets by Cottage Arts







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10 Responses to Blog: Pixie Picks – Jan

  1. Linda DeLaughter says:

    Your album on Budapest is fantastic! We were there for 3 days and somehow did not see a few of the places you visited — the House of Terror, the shoes on the Danube, etc. The Parliament Building was hidden behind scaffolding and screens while work was being done, which kept us from an up close view of the inside courtyards and along the river at that point. We did walk across many of the bridges and through the Pest side over to Margaret Island, which was a real treat.

    • Jan says:

      Thanks, Linda! Sadly, we did not get to go inside the House of Terror – I would have loved to. And too bad about the Parliament House – it sounds like parts of it are always being renovated or restored.

  2. Lindie says:

    Beautiful. One correction for you. On p25 …beautiful city ever not even. Thanks for sharing.

  3. sistersunshine says:

    Off to get the 4th in this (hopefully) series…. I call this size book and ‘event’ book. (For when I want to go a bit deeper in depth than a two page spread, but don’t have enough to really justify making a larger book) I have quite a few of them on my ‘story’ shelf and love to pick them up… Can’t wait to enjoy the next one I receive (got a book today…LOVE having something I can grab and go to enjoy) *U* Kathleen

  4. Marjorie Webb says:

    This is fantastic, Jan. I have so many travel albums to finish, I will definitely use this. Since you mentioned a cruise, why don’t we ALL get together on a scrapbooking cruise? We could create and finish projects while at sea, and just think of the fun we scrappers would have when we stop in various ports! I think that would be SUPER!

    Marjorie W

  5. Caroline says:

    Great! Ever the editor: page 5 – extra period between went and first. Page 6 – extra period between city and centre. Makes me want to book the cruise now! Interesting how many of the background papers I recognized from over the years as well as some of the Alpha kits!

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