This has been a strange winter weather wise. We’ve had snow, rain, and even thunder within days of each other. We’ve had 70+ degree weather following freezing days in the teens. It’s called winter in the south and I’m so grateful for those warm sunny days.

There have been several snow days for our grandchildren and since the snow accumulation was less than a couple of inches on top of a thin sheet of ice – there wasn’t much sledding fun to be had. So on one of the so called snow days, they started getting a bad case of cabin fever.

So we invited them out here for a game day.

The two oldest grandchildren have been taking chess at school, had seen the movie “Queen of Katwe,”  and were very excited to practice what they’d learned. They are both good players so games between cousins proved to be an interesting challenge. The youngest, Billy, was happy playing with his Legos, and Carter was having fun with her dollies. Maren stayed busy playing Spoons with the grownups and helping me work on the puzzle that I’d gotten for Christmas.

This kept them busy for a couple of hours but after lunch, they began to get a bit antsy. Since the weather was still so gruesome, it was time for a new toy that they could all do together.

I loved playing Tinkertoys with my best friend Donny Dooley Whitcomb. He lived down the street and we were inseparable playmates! We played matchbox cards under the jacaranda trees and built forts in the potato forest behind our house. We hacked trails, climbed trees and caught tadpoles till we either fell asleep or got into trouble and one of us got sent home. Our poor grandchildren had never seen Tinkertoys and they proceeded to put together a bodacious construction project! Lots of fun with a toy that wasn’t plastic, and was created in 1914! Tinkertoys were created by Charles H. Pajeau in Evanston, Illinois. Pajeau, was a stonemason, and he designed the toy after seeing children play with sticks and empty spools of thread.

With all the hand held electronic play toys that kids of today have, (and our grands are no exception),  it was refreshing to see them interacting with each other over these old time wooden toys. I think it’s a good thing to spend a day now and then – putting away phones, turning off the TV, the PlayStation, the computer and Game Boys – and go back to toys which don’t have instructions that come in 4 different languages.

So dig out some toys from your childhood and have a game day too. Teach someone to play Jacks, or Hearts, or Russian Bank. Grab those Lincoln Logs or the Erector Set. Pull out some board games that you loved like Clue or Sorry – it’ll bring back fun memories and create a few new ones too!

Happy memory making,


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Storybook Legacy Collection by Forever: Colorful Symphony Digital Kit, Earthy Serenity Digital Power Palette Kit, Font: Tinkertoy, 14pt.


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  1. Karin Ebuen says:

    How wonderful!

  2. Deanna says:

    What a great blog, Anne!! 🙂

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