The month of February celebrates love and friendship.  We send cards, flowers, and candy and write poetry to those we love and care for.  While I enjoy all those gifts, my favorite gift is family time.  I grew up with my parents showing me what it means to be a part of a family.  I don’t think we merely spent time with family, I believe I was taught through action, the value of investing time. In turn, raising my children, we spent most of our vacations with family.  We often gathered with family during the year for celebrations of many kinds, sometimes just for the sake of getting together.  To document these times, my camera is always handy.  I love to capture “the group” shot – gotta have one of those even if it is posed.  I really love the photos that are more candid and capture the feeling of the moment.

The next step is to do something with those photos so they can be enjoyed over and over.  To find photos, I use Forever Historian.  Since I have taken the time to add face tags, I can search for people I want to create a project for.  I have made my fair share of small memory books celebrating family.  Probably one of my favorites is a “10 things we love about you, Dad”.  The kids were young at the time and they had fun picking the photos and then collaborating on what their top 10 list was going to be.  One thing that made their top ten – you bring us doughnuts.  Here a couple more of my favorite quotes from the kids:

This past fall we arranged for a family photo shoot.  We haven’t had a professional photo session probably in ten years.  Since the last family photo, Angela has graduated from college, AJ & Joey are in their second year of college, and Tony and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.  So I am thinking I want to make something for the wall celebrating the thing we all cherish the most – family.  I am thinking I will make the image below into a wall canvas.  It will be a beautiful piece of artwork that we can enjoy for many years.  Who knows, it might hang on the wall of my great-grandchildren someday.  And they will be talking about how they love to invest time with their family.

The image was created using a recent pixels2Pages Bright Idea #11 – Twice as Nice.  This technique features using a mask and one photo. Here is the link to try the technique:

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  1. Fay Wilde says:

    Nice article. Family time is time worth every second. My family continues to grow and I love every minute of time individually or in groups.

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