Join Forever Executive, Shelley Murray, as she gives an introduction to a Forever account. If you are ready to get started using your Forever account, this is step one. Shelley will give you a tour of each page of your Forever Account and she will show you how to begin uploading your memories so they can be organized and preserved permanently in Forever.

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7 Responses to Forever Video: Getting Started

  1. Joni Beugnot says:

    How does Historian interface with Forever? Are you able to upload from Historian? Your demonstration only showed how to upload from your C:drive.

  2. Billie J says:

    Thank you for the information. You do such a good job explaining things. I have had a Forever account for quite some time and upload some of my albums. But, it has been so long ago, that I forgot how to do it. This was a nice review. I haven’t uploaded single photos yet, because I was struggling with how to organize them in forever. But thanks to you I have a plan. I look forward to your next video.

  3. Rhona says:

    Thanks, Shelley. That was very informative and I might just dip my toe in the water now.

  4. Gail41 says:

    Got it! When in doubt, shut down and restart! Thanks again!

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