Rabbit, rabbit y’all!!

The pixels2Pages™ team has been busy cleaning house and preparing to move into the Forever™ store!  That’s right – it’s almost moving day!  Read all about the upcoming changes and what they will mean to you HERE.  Whatever you do, please please please take time to download, save, and back up all Blueprints currently available to you!

In preparation for the move, we’ve been doing some decluttering of the website and we’ve updated both the home page and the Getting Started with Artisan 5 section.  If you haven’t had a chance to check them out, please do – we’d love your feedback.  Remember that Getting Started with Artisan 5 and Back2Basics (Artisan 4) are FREE and available to the public.  It’s a great way to introduce friends, family, clients, and customers to Artisan and to pixels2Pages.  We will be continuing to add more short videos to Getting Started, but all tutorials have been updated and the content has been reorganized to make it easy to follow.

In our continuing efforts to increase the value of your pixels2Pages membership, we have heard your feedback regarding written instructions with videos, and we’re adding a bullet point outline to most of our upcoming Artisan videos, excluding Start2Finish videos.  This outline is not meant to be a step-by-step guide that could be followed without watching the video; rather, it is meant to be a companion piece to the video.  You may copy and paste the outline and use it however you please as long as it is for your personal use only.  We welcome your feedback.

Digital Art News (and more!)

We know how much you love collecting cute new digital art kits, so you’ll want to make sure you’re in-the-know about what’s coming this month:

  • Deal of the Day: Save 50% on a different art kit each day (check the Forever™ website after 10 AM Eastern each day to see the new deal) with the promo code DEALOFTHEDAY.   The Deal of the Day has been widely popular, so we are continuing it – great opportunities to add to your digital content collection and save!
  • March 1 – 6: International Scrapbooking Day. 30% off all ‘NEW’ digital art with promo code SCRAPBOOK.
  • March 3 – 5: special weekend Deal of the Day featuring 5 Deals each on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • March 10 – 17: Discounted StoryBook Legacy bundles available for one week only

Upcoming Webinars

The p2P team offers two monthly webinars – one for Forever™ Ambassadors only and one for p2P members and potential p2P members.  The focus of these webinars is pixels2Pages, so don’t hop on expecting Forever  Artisan® or Forever Historian™ training.

This month, we will air “Build Your Business with pixels2Pages™” (for Forever Ambassadors only) at 9 PM EST on the second Monday, 13 March 2017.  The main topics we’ll cover are how and when to purchase pixels2Pages memberships in the Forever store and  how to use pixels2Pages to grow your Forever business.  To register for this webinar, click HERE.

On the third Monday of the month, at 9 PM EST, we will present “Maximize Your Membership with pixels2Pages” for anyone – current, former, or potential pixels2Pages members.  You do not have to be an Ambassador to attend this one.   We will offer you tips for navigating the p2P website, specific tips about our different membership offerings, and strategies to help you make the most of your membership investment.  This month, the focus of this webinar will be on p2P Bright Ideas.  We will also answer questions about the new process for purchasing memberships in the Forever store. To register for this webinar, click HERE.

p2P e-Newsletter

Are you on our e-news mailing list?  We send updates when we have them – click HERE to subscribe to that list – and we have a series of emails that we send to new pixels2Pages members.  If you have trouble finding your way around the p2P website, I encourage you to consider asking to be added to this email series.   Click HERE to subscribe to the new member email series.

Forever Blog Posts

Since you’re reading this, we know that you know about the pixels2Pages blog, but did you know that Forever has an awesome blog, too?  We like it so much that we’ve added the Forever blogs to our blog posts!  Click HERE to read Forever blogs.

p2P LIVE Events and Forever™ Retreat Weekends

As mentioned last month, we have a good number of live events going on all over North America, and we hope you’ll be able to join us for one (or more) of them.  Here are places and dates of upcoming events:

  • p2P LIVE 3-5 March 2017, Portland, OR. Trainer: Mary Browder; Ambassador: Pam Winn.
  • Forever Retreat Weekend 24-26 March 2017, Dallas TX.  Trainers: Mary Browder and Jan McCallum; Ambassadors: Phyllis Malallah and Cheryl Sheehy. NOTE: This Retreat is full, but there is a waiting list.
  • p2P LIVE 31 March – 1 April, Windsor, ON Canada. Trainer: Tameka Bond; Ambassador: Kathy Gordon.
  • p2P LIVE 7-9 April, 2017, Tampa, Fl.  Trainer: Tameka Bond; Ambassadors: Carol Cooper and Mary Holbin
  • p2P LIVE 28-30 April, Asheville, NC.  Trainers: Anne Lineberger and Tameka Bond; Host: Liz Propst.
  • Forever Retreat Weekend 5-7 May 2017, Calgary, AB Canada. Trainers: Jan McCallum and Tameka Bond; Ambassador: Deanna Johnson.  NOTE: This Retreat is full, but there is a waiting list.
  • Forever LIVE!™ 2017 3-6 August, 2017, Phoenix, AZ at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix – tickets on sale –  order yours now while it’s still early bird pricing!
  • Forever Retreat Weekend 27-29 October, Louisville KY.  Trainer: Jan McCallum; Ambassadors: Val Boeh and Cathy Hardin.
  • p2P LIVE 27-29 October, Toronto, Canada. Trainer: Tameka Bond; Ambassadors: Karen Walker and Carol Painter.

p2P LIVE events are coordinated by local Ambassadors and hosts, and space is generally limited.  If you are interested in attending one of these, please email forever@pixels2Pages.net.  Forever Retreat Weekends and Forever LIVE! are sponsored by Forever and registration is online – just click the link for details and to reserve your spot.

Forever Ambassador Program

Forever is always looking for Ambassadors to help spread the word about Forever Artisan®, Forever Historian™, pixels2Pages™, Forever Storage™, and Forever™ Digitization Services.  We hope you’ll consider joining that effort. For information about how to sign up to be a Forever Ambassador, please click HERE.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since the p2P team is part of the Forever family, we are no longer serving as Forever Ambassadors (at least, not in the same sense as before!).  If you have been choosing the pixels2Pages team (pixAbilities) as your Ambassador, we want you to be able to select a Forever Ambassador as your new ‘person’ instead of continuing to choose p2P when you check out from the Forever store.  If you need or want suggestions, just email info@pixels2Pages.net and we can help you find someone that will meet your needs.  Again, thanks for your prior support!

February Posts

Now let’s see what was posted on p2P last month – click HERE to see everything posted on pixels2Pages™ in February.

Pages Magazine and other pixels2Pages Issuu publications

We have released the latest issue of Pages magazine. It is sure to inspire. Check it out!

Did you know that we have lots of completed albums created by the pixels2Pages team on our Issuu site?  They are there to inspire you!  Here are the most recent additions:

Danube Waltz – a 7 x 5″ softcover album created by Jan using the Pocketful of Travel Memories predesigned book.

Daddy – a 7 x 5″ softcover album created by Jan using the Pocketful of Heritage Memories predesigned book.

Disney – a 12 x 12″ softcover album created by Kim featuring pixels2Pages Blueprints, techniques from offerings on pixels2Pages, and content available in the Forever Store. Note: Disney-themed content used in the book has been retired and is no longer available.


March 2017 Calendar

Finally, here’s what you can expect this month, thanks to Tameka’s fantastic calendar.  We encourage you to download and print out the calendar each month to help you keep track of all that’s available to you.






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