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Great news y’all!  In just a few short days, pixels2Pages™ memberships will be available for purchase in the Forever™ store!  This is a big move for us, and it’s a good thing, but it is a change, so we want to let you know what to expect, what actions you will need to take (and not take!), and when you will need to act.

Please review this carefully, as there have been a few changes since the original news post was written.

Moving Day is Monday, 13 March 2017

What to do: 1) Save and back up all Blueprints available to you.  2) Review this post carefully. 3) Nothing else until after 13 March and after you have received a cancellation notice from PayPal.

What to expect:

Between now (9 March 2017) and 12 April 2017:

  • ALL active monthly recurring payments will be cancelled at PayPal.  You will receive a notice from PayPal when the recurring payment for your membership has been cancelled.
    • Beginning on Sunday, 12 March, memberships that were due to renew on 13 March will be cancelled.
    • Every day, the next group of monthly memberships will be cancelled.
    • If you have a monthly membership, you may purchase your new membership any time after you have received your cancellation notice from PayPal (after 13 March).
  • All active yearly memberships that would have renewed between 13 March and 30 April 2017 will be cancelled at PayPal.  You will receive a notice from PayPal when the recurring payment for your membership has been cancelled.
    • All yearly memberships that would have renewed between March 12 – 31 were cancelled today (9 March).
    • All yearly memberships that would have renewed in April will be cancelled at the end of March or just before they are due to renew; yearly memberships that would have renewed in May will be cancelled at the end of April or just before they are due to renew, and so on.
    • When you receive a notice from PayPal saying your recurring payments have been cancelled, please make note of the renewal date and purchase your new membership on or around that date.
    • You will have access to the pixels2Pages website until the date your membership was due to renew.  If you do not have access, please email and include your p2P user name.
  • You should receive an email from Forever reminding you of the date your membership was due to renew.
  • Please do not contact us to inquire about your renewal date.  If you need to know that information now, please check the recurring payments in your PayPal account or check your credit card statements.

ACTION IS REQUIRED BY YOU: Make sure you have downloaded, saved, and backed up ALL Blueprints available to you.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

After Moving Day:

  • Monthly members will need to purchase a new membership in the Forever store on or after their upcoming renewal date.  Monthly members should purchase a new membership in the Forever store between 13 March and 12 April 2017.
  • Yearly members whose membership was due to renew between 12 March and 31 March will need to purchase a new membership in the Forever store around the time of their original renewal date.
  • It is VERY IMPORTANT that current yearly members do not purchase a new membership until their current membership has ended, as that would mean you would be paying for two CONCURRENT memberships.
  • Yearly members whose memberships are due to renew AFTER 31 March 2017 should TAKE NO ACTION at this time other than downloading Blueprints.
  • In late March, yearly memberships that would have renewed in April will be cancelled at PayPal and you will be notified.  In April, May renewals will be cancelled, and so on. 

On the day you buy your new membership in the Forever store:

Here is the new process for purchasing a p2P membership:

  1. Go to and choose “Join” OR go to  OR go to and choose Products > Pixels2Pages.
  2. A window in the Forever store will open – it will look something like this:
  3. Choose the appropriate membership and add it to your cart.
  4. Continue shopping (if desired), then check out as usual in the Forever store, making sure your Ambassador has been identified, applying any applicable coupon codes (see below!!), etc.
  5. p2P registration is done automatically; you will keep the same user name and password that you had before. NOTE: If you did not have an ACTIVE p2P membership on 22 February 2017, you will receive notification of a new user name and password via email from Forever.
  6. Log in and start (or keep) having fun at!
  7. Brand new members will receive an email asking you to confirm being added to the p2P e-news subscription list.
  8. Your membership will renew automatically until cancelled (see below).
  9. Depending upon your state of residence, you may be charged sales tax at the time of purchase.

Thank you for sticking with us!

As our thank you for purchasing a new membership in the Forever store, we’d like to offer you a new and exclusive Blueprint Book and digital art kit designed to coordinate with it. To claim your thank you gift, enter the coupon code p2PTHANKYOU at the time you purchase your new membership.  This code will be active until April 2018, so don’t worry if you have a yearly membership – you will still get the kit!  We appreciate your loyalty and patience!

Final details

FREE TRIALS: Anyone who has not already had a pixels2Pages membership may sign up for a one month free trial by purchasing a monthly membership and entering the coupon code p2PFREETRIAL.  This is a one-time use only code and is only good for monthly memberships.  You must cancel before the end of the 30 days to avoid future charges.  **COUPON CODE WILL NOT WORK UNTIL AFTER 13 MARCH 2017.**

RENEWAL DATES AND CANCELLATIONS: One of the best things about this move is that you will be able to see when your next recurring membership payment is due and you can cancel recurring payments yourself.  To do that, log in to and go to Account > Orders & Downloads > Recurring Payments.  You will see your start date and the date the last payment was made.  To cancel your membership, click “Cancel Membership” at the bottom of that window next to the green “Visit” button.  Here is an image of what that will look like:


NOTE TO AMBASSADORS: This move to the Forever store means that the sale of pixels2Pages memberships will be credited to you when purchased by anyone who has selected you as their Ambassador.  The current Affiliate program will not be needed after mid-March.

QUESTIONS? If you have questions, please comment below or email  Thanks again!

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13 Responses to News: Moving Day Is Almost Here!

  1. Dawn says:

    Sadly, I did not read my emails until it was too late – but then I saw the one from PayPal that my membership was cancelled – that I noticed! I have been so busy, I never downloaded last years’ blueprints – I usually do them all at once in the summer when I’m on vacation and have time. Is there any way to get the ones I paid for via membership but never downloaded? What about access to the video tips etc…, will that continue once I renew?

  2. Kathy Strawn says:

    I followed all your instructions after receiving an e-mail from PayPal stating my automatic payments had been cancelled. I am now renewed with you!

    Just one question how will I know if I received the free Blueprint Book? I put the code in but, I have purchased blueprint books in the past and I don’t know if it was one of them or a completely new one? What name should I look for in Order history? Or will it come in an e-mail with a link?

    • Jan says:

      Thanks for purchasing your new membership, Kathy! It looks like you didn’t apply the coupon code (you have to push a button to apply it, not just put it in the space) but no worries. I sent out replacement coupons this evening to everyone who didn’t apply them this week, so check your email for the new coupon and instructions on how to use it. The Blueprint book and kit will show up in your order history.

  3. Mooselvr5 says:

    Morning Jan, I know my monthly renewal is always taken out from Paypal on the 28th of the month. Will I be renewed tomorrow for the month? or will my subscription be cancelled from Paypal and I then would have to log into Forever and order my subscription going forward. I have been downloading and confirming with myself all my blueprints are downloaded and saved… I think everything is good on my end! Thanks for ALL you do for helping us along the way! ~Crystal

    • Jan says:

      I will be cancelling all of tomorrow’s monthly renewals tonight, so you will not be charged or renewed. An email will be sent to the email address associated with your PayPal account that will confirm that cancellation; after you receive it you may go to (or to the ‘Join’ button on p2P) and purchase your new membership.

      Good for you for getting those Blueprints downloaded and saved – be sure you have them backed up, too!

      Be sure to add the coupon code P2PTHANKYOU to your membership order so you’ll receive your free Blueprint Book and kit as our thanks to YOU!

  4. Billie J says:

    Any news yet about when the move will be made?

    • Jan says:

      It happened on Monday, 13 March 2017, as planned, Billie. Now all you need to do is wait until you get a notice from PayPal and/or Forever that it’s time to purchase a new membership.

  5. Kathy Tuzzolino says:

    Wonderful news about being able to purchase memberships through the Forever store. However, my big fear about no longer having online access to blueprints that were/are available during my p2P membership (prior to the switch to Forever) is that the day will come when I go to use a blueprint only to find there’s a problem with it and I can no longer re-download that blueprint. I’ve been a member since the beginning and I have over 1,400 .page files in my blueprints folder (including some from before memberships and a lot of crop freebies, etc.) – while I have used many of them, I sure haven’t used every single one (especially when offered in both 12×12 and 11×8.5 sizes). I know there have been times when the original download had 2 copies of a left-side of a DPS (for example) or there was some sort of error/problem with a blueprint that needed fixing, and needed to be re-downloaded. So while I’m sure I’ve got all the blueprints for my membership, I’m not 100% sure I’ve got all the most recent versions of those blueprints. Will there be a process by which I could contact p2P and get an updated blueprint if I encounter such an issue in the future?

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