We know how much pixels2Pages members love Forever™ Artisan, and we think you’ll enjoy seeing another option available to you.  Sometimes you just want to get your photos in a book or project without spending lots of time creating decorative pages, and Forever has just what you need when you have more photos than time!

Join Forever Trainer Shelley Murray as she demonstrates how quick and easy it is to use Forever™ Projects to create a treasured printed photo project.

Forever Projects [8:10 mins]


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6 Responses to Forever Video: Forever Projects Overview

  1. Barbara Mitchell says:

    What a great video tutorial Shelley! Is there a link to this tutorial that can be accessed on the Forever website? I would like to post the link for friends of mine that think “Chatbooks” are the way to go. This is SO much better than those puny $8 books that only have one picture per page. I want them to see that Forever has a much better option, without the need to buy the software, that is just as quick and easy as Chatbooks claims to be (I have no idea, as I am a die-hard Artisan user!). Thanks!

    • Shelley Murray says:

      I am glad that you liked this overview! (I am a die hard Artisan user too) But, Projects does offer some great options. You can actually share this link with your friend. It is a free video on the P2P site.

  2. Avril Lawson says:

    Thanks for that Shelley, I didn’t realize that you can do Projects like that in Forever. Very useful. Can you do a 12 x 12 hard bound book that is lay flat? Many thanks Avril

  3. Cathy Veverka says:

    Nice overview of Forever Projects! Can I use the papers, embellishments and fonts that I have accumulated over the years from software that is loaded in Artisan?

    • Shelley Murray says:

      Thank you Cathy. So Forever Projects is fixed and you cannot add Digital Art or Fonts to it. But, you can create something in Artisan, save it to your Forever account and then add it to a project and print. This is something that I do frequently. I will do further training on this idea in the future.

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