I just got home this week from another fabulous weekend at the annual p2P LIVE event in Portland, Oregon. Actually I arrived in Portland but the event is held up on beautiful Mt. Hood in Welches, Oregon.  We experienced sun, rain, sleet and snow!  Quite a variety.  I love training at this event every year.  It’s been held for many many years now and the attendees have become friends.  There were many familiar faces again this year and many new faces too.  We had experienced users and brand new beginners!  A few seasoned attendees couldn’t make it this year but I know they will be back next year!  These attendees are an important part of my life and the friendships are priceless. We laughed, we learned, we shared pictures of kids/new grandkids growing and showed off the new techniques we learned and practiced.  We even cried a little as we shared a few experiences from the past year.

That’s so what I love about scrapbooking.  Our experiences; relived, celebrated and shared. This is what connects us as friends and people. This is what sustains us through many adventures and ups and downs. This is what will be remembered for  many years to come and even after we’re no longer around.  It’s our legacy. It’s your legacy.

I also had fun sharing the benefits of a Forever Permanent Storage account.  I showed people how easy it is to upload pictures from their phones to their Forever accounts for safe keeping and less worry.  I showed them how the Forever Storage works with their phones, Forever Projects and Forever Artisan software.  We talked about how they could save and store their favorite layouts of important events directly to their storage accounts and not worry if they were going to lose those images.  And finally how they could make sure that the next generation would have these stories and pictures safe and sound.

I have peace of mind with my images  in Forever and now they do too.  Do you?


















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4 Responses to Blog: LIVE With Old Friends and New

  1. ANN LARRABEE says:

    I too had a wonderful time and learned so much. I also completed a book and plan to order it this month. Question, is there anyway we can get a picture of the whole group> The digital group picture is on FB p2p Live Portland but I didn’t see the whole group picture.
    Thanks again and I look forward to next year!!

  2. Marie says:

    It was an amazing weekend. I learned so much and also enjoyed the conversation and delicious meals.

    Thank-you Mary for the training and thanks Pam for making all the arrangements. Looking forward to next years training.

    • Mary says:

      Marie, It is always so much fun catching up with all of you and seeing how grandkids have grown. I always look forward to the training there. You make me feel at home! See you next year!

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