This is the blog that I wanted to post in February but was lying in the bed with 2 boxes of Kleenex and having a pity party. Thankfully. I had written another one ahead of time because I knew I was going to be out of town at the time of my regular blog. But the fickle finger of fate had another idea …

February was a month that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. My sister in Florida was having a big birthday and there were lots of fun celebration plans being made. Plus, I got to make our favorite birthday cake; the same one that our mama made for each of us growing up in our little town of Avon Park many years ago.

I kept my fingers lightly crossed all the way through January that the dreaded January scurvy, ( as I call it), wouldn’t darken our door and jeopardize any plans. We skipped through the month just fine. There were the regular little bumps but nothing worth “taking to the couch” as my best college friend’s mom used to say.

All packed and ready, I started out with a trip to the phone store to figure out a problem only to discover that a few things had been left out in loading the car. Arch was on the way to a basketball game on the other side of Charlotte but thankfully caught him and he willingly turned around and met me on the side of the highway before we both headed in opposite directions – north and south. Would have been awful to have to go to these fun parties in pajamas and sneakers. And no computer!

Finally on the road by 1 o’clock I decided to stop at a favorite lunch place down near Chester. The Front Porch has been the best place for a meat and 2 or 3 vegetables for years. Good fried chicken, mashed potatoes, slaw and a bowl of beets rounded out one of my favorite meals. Back on the road heading south again found me skirting Columbia and then a straight shot toward I-95. For some reason my nose started running like a fire hydrant and I remember wondering if maybe a cleaner of some sort had been used in the car. Ignoring it I kept on down I-95 but realized I wasn’t enjoying it like I usually did. I love this drive and all the sights along it which pop up like old friends from the past.  Around 5:30 I was almost in sight of my beloved Florida and decided to stop for the night. I didn’t feel like supper but went to a local Publix to grab some yogurt, Kleenex, and bottled water. Tucking in bed early didn’t seem to help and the night was pretty much spent coughing and sneezing. What to do?

What to do turned out to be turning around and driving back the 6 ½ hours to home. No way could I inflict the “scurvy” on to my Florida family. So hacking and heaving, I made it back to our house and headed straight to bed. And that’s where I’ve been ever since. The scurvy, as I like to call it, was really just old fashioned flu and even though I had the flu shot, it obviously didn’t cover this one. Waaaa!

But oh so fun to hear about the awesome night that sister had with her two daughters and a college roommate, who filled in for me, watching Dionne Warwick perform. They had great seats and said she was fabulous!  I love Dionne and pretty sure that I know all the words to her songs. Another waaaa.

The next day, great niece Leila made THE birthday cake after a couple of texts to double check ingredients and it was just beautiful – I can tell from the photos. She obviously hasn’t inherited the icing problem that plagued my mother, my sister and me for years. After several mishaps of two layer cakes splitting down the middle, I “uncled” out and switched to making a single layer sheet cake. So glad to receive so many cute photos of this happy event for my older but much tinier cute big sister. She certainly doesn’t look her age by 20 years and is so blessed to be surrounded by all of her family close by!

So here is my view for most afternoons this past week. There is a single bed that has a south facing window and it’s perfect for tucking in when you need those sun rays the most. I love watching the airplanes make tic tac toe marks crisscrossing the sky. I looked up just in time to see them and it didn’t take much strength to take a couple of shots with my phone.

And look what came yesterday – a big double box of Temple oranges. Is there ever such a divine taste in the world when you’re down with any type of “scurvy”?  I know eating at least 2 or 3 of these a day will get me on the road to recovery.

So stay well and healthy everybody – it’s that time of year here in the states. And even though they won’t be your favorite photos, take a few photos when times aren’t the best. There’s usually something out of the situation that you can be grateful for.

Happy memory making,

Anne who is hoping that while you read this, I better be happily down in my home state having that postponed sister visit!

The photos in the header above were taken a few days BEFORE I packed and left for the birthday trip. Lots of fun keeping grandkids for 5 days.


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4 Responses to Blog: Let’s Try It Again

  1. Laurie Crawford says:

    So disappointing not to get to be with family on a planned trip. We all had that nasty stuff too. Glad you are getting better and that cough is finally over here too. I loved your story even though it wasn’t the one you wanted.

  2. Jan says:

    Oh, Anne! I know how badly you wanted to be in sunny Florida last month….So sorry you got sick instead. xx

  3. Deanna says:

    I think your blogs are some of my favorites, Anne! I love the way your write! Hope you are feeling 100% better by now.

    • Anne says:

      Thank you so much Deanna. That brightens my day!! Yes, finally feeling better. Hugs to everyone out there who’s had that nasty flu bug where your cough lasts for 3 weeks!

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