I love this time of year, when the days are longer and the sun is out until late in the afternoon.  I do love winter too, but after the bitterness of the cold and all the rain (which we needed desperately), I am ready for some California sunshine.  The springtime temperature is perfect at 75-80 degrees.  Warm outside, but not hot.  This is the time of year I start thinking about planting my summer garden and flowers.  In just a couple weeks, I’ll be putting in my tomatoes – my favorite home grown food! Looking forward to that first BLT made with my fresh tomatoes!  To get my garden ready, I need to clean up the dirt by pulling a few weeds.  I’ll bring in some fresh soil to make a nice home for my new flowers.  I find it interesting that working in the dirt produces such beautiful results. I have loved my spring flowers this year – Tulips, Freesia, and Iris.  Just this morning, I decided to take a walk in my neighborhood to see what’s blooming for other homes around me.  I have to say that it lifts my spirit to see and smell the beauty that surrounds me.  Soon, my hummingbirds will return.  So, I have prepared fresh nectar to welcome them back.

All this spring dreaming and cleaning happens with my photos, too.  Just like working in the dirt (the not so fun part), I have to weed out photos and organize and prepare for projects I want to work on.  Currently, my photos are a bit of a mess.  I need to gather them from Facebook, my phone, and my camera, and then transfer them into Historian so I can enjoy the fun part of photos – creating scrapbook pages and telling stories.  But for now, the warm sunshine is calling my name.

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7 Responses to Blog: Spring Blooms

  1. Wendy Cousino says:

    This would be great as a Blueprint! Please include it soon 🙂


  2. Karen Bowser says:

    I love that blueprint. What is it called? I must have it.

  3. Tammi Long says:

    Where did you find that little black clip that’s holding your photo stack? I’ve been looking for one and don’t know where to look. 🙂 Gorgeous page!!!

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