Teachers have the ability to make such an impact on our children. Our teachers help to shape our kids into well rounded young people. My children have been blessed to have some of the most incredible teachers over the years. Each time I go to conferences, I am overwhelmed by the care and attention that the teachers give to my child, as if he or she is the only one in their class. I have always been so thankful each year by the love, care and support poured upon my children by teachers and the other staff at our school.

Each year I volunteer to do something in my child’s classroom. Sometimes it is helping at a party or participating in an activity. This year one of the ways I have volunteered is to help the kids celebrate their teacher during Teacher Appreciation Day. It is coming up in May and I am already beginning to make a plan to show our love and appreciation to Mrs. Bradley. Being that my career is based on celebrating memories and sharing them with others, I have some great ideas stirring in my mind.

Before I share my ideas and plan with you, I want to share a touching story about my son and his kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Croft.  She was so loving and insightful and cared deeply about my son, Sam. She made it a point to figure out what made him tick. Sam’s favorite thing to do was always to build stuff, he has an engineering mind. His favorite item at that time to build with was empty glue stick containers. I always kept a box at home of recycled items that he used for building. But the most coveted item was an empty glue stick. I knew this but I had no idea that Mrs. Croft knew this. It was a happy afternoon when he would come home with a large empty glue stick from school. One day, after my conference with Mrs. Croft, I was leaving the classroom and I saw a basket full of empty glue stick containers. My heart skipped and I thought, “oh my goodness, I wonder if she is throwing these away…maybe I could have them for Sam!” I asked her about them and she said that she keeps them by the door and if Sam has a good day and gets a green card, he was able to grab one out of the basket on the way out of school. She said it is working to motivate him to having good behavior.  It was the single most thoughtful and encouraging thing I had ever seen anyone do for Sam. I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to cry just because she was taking such an interest in my child.

Sam had the most incredible school year and it launched him into a successful time in elementary school. He has had teacher after teacher pour into him and encourage him each step of the way. At the end of the kindergarten year, as if it isn’t sad enough just to be ending kindergarten, I cleaned out his backpack. And inside was a big bag of empty glue sticks with a note attached that said. “Sam, I am very proud of your hard work in kindergarten. These glue sticks are for all the ‘green card days’ I KNOW are in your future! Love, Mrs. Croft” I couldn’t help but cry at this point. How incredible that a teacher would care so deeply for my child and want what was best for his future.  This precious note still hangs on his bulletin board in his room three years later. I am so thankful for the way she has helped shape his little heart. Mrs. Croft was recognized as Teacher of the Year in the state of PA this year. It is no surprise; this was such a well-deserved honor. You will see the photo below of Mrs. Croft accepting this honor from Bret Keisel of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He is well loved in our community too and his son was in Sam’s kindergarten class.

I am also so thankful for each teacher that has impacted my children and ignited that spark inside of each of them! My kids have been blessed by some of the best. A teacher’s impact is far reaching not only for today but for many years to come! I still remember my all-time favorite teacher and I still think about that teacher occasionally. He saw something in me, that I did not and he encouraged me to go get it!

Now, it is time to focus on celebrating my daughter’s 5th grade teacher. She has worked so hard to prepare each of these children for middle school. And these kids really love her. Being that the kids are in 5th grade, I thought writing a note to the teacher would be a wonderful gift.  I believe that the best gift we can give are words of encouragement. So, I am going to email the class and ask that each child write a note to the teacher. I will give three writing prompts to choose from or they can make up their own.

  1. My favorite memory was when you….
  2. Thank you for….
  3. It makes me smile when you….

I will ask each child to write a note to Mrs. Bradley and draw a picture if they want. I will pop into the class next week to take a photo of each child with the teacher. And then I will bring it all together by digitizing each note and then using Forever Projects to create an 8×8 soft bound book. Each page will include a photo of the child and their special hand written note. It will be a wonderful keep sake for their teacher. Having each of these notes and photos in one book will be a lifelong keepsake. Reflecting on kind words of encouragement is one of the greatest treasures of all.

In addition to this book, I will also use one of the photos of the class with their teacher to make another special gift. I will make a coffee mug that can be filled with candy and gift cards and given for the teacher on the special day.  I will create an image in Forever Artisan that includes my favorite school art kit called “Star Student Bundle.” And then bring it into Forever Projects to create a coffee mug. This will be such a special treasure to her for sure!

Nick Kelsh and I produce a Capture the Moment segment each month. And this month we decided to focus on teacher appreciation. Nick shares about a well-loved teacher at his boy’s school. Watch to see how we created a special gift for her that she will surely cherish for years to come. Capture the Moment

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6 Responses to Showing Teachers Appreciation

  1. Sue P says:

    I did similar books for my daughter’s teachers for several years in a row. I had each child answer “we like Mrs A because…”, then I scanned in the cards with a photo. The teachers always loved them!

  2. Alison says:

    Love your story Shelley! And love that your son has had such wonderful teachers. I made a book (not digital though!) for my daughter’s kindergarten teacher who was retiring after many years teaching, and got all the children to draw or write something for her. She was so overwhelmed when we presented it, and I think it was as special for all those kids as it was for her.

    • Shelley Murray says:

      Thanks for your post Alison. What a great gift that you created; I bet it will be a lifelong keepsake for her! Preserving memories is not only an art but a real blessing to others!!

  3. Jan says:

    What a wonderful teacher! And what a great mom to appreciate her and show it!

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