There are so many creative and cool things you can do in Artisan 5 software. Every week the pixels2Pages team come up with new ideas and techniques for you to try. Now and again we like to dig around in our archives and revisit one of our older videos or challenges, in case you missed it the first time or would like to give it another try. If it was made for an earlier version of the software, see how you go creating the same look in Artisan 5. We hope you enjoy this Blast From the Past and that it inspires you to create a fabulous page or two!

This Start2Finish video will show how to showcase multiple images as if you were looking at a wide screen. There are so many other uses for this technique when you look at the banner that has been designed for this video.

Wide Screen Memories [7.35min]


Techniques used: Shaped Cutter and Blended Edges

Font:  Monika, Angsana

Kits:  Beach Vacation Digital Kit, Destinations Digital Embellishments,  Primary Travel Digital Power Palette (all by StoryBook Legacy)


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7 Responses to BLAST FROM THE PAST: Wide Screen Memories

  1. Joyce says:

    I’m lost as to what to do in Artisan 5.0 when it comes to cutting the ellipse shape out of my flattened grouped photos on the top & bottom. (3:25-4:05 of the P2P video Widescreen Memories). When I choose Cut, then Shape from the Cutters, it doesn’t give me a choice, just square.

    • Kim says:

      Hi Joyce,

      From the Cut Ribbon, select Shape. Click on the down arrow for current shape. Then select an ellipse.


      • Joyce says:

        Under the Cut Ribbon, there Is Shapes under Cutters and Shape under Selection. If I choose Shape under Selection, I can create an Ellipse shape, but then I’m stuck again.

        • Kim says:

          Hi Joyce, Here are the steps for cutting the photo image:
          – Cut Ribbon
          – Cutters Section
          – Shapes
          – On the right side of your software in the “Cutout a shape” operations panel, click the down arrow
          – Select an ellipse shape
          – Adjust the size and position of the cutter as demonstrated in the video
          – Select “Keep the unshaded area” and cut

  2. Leanne Green says:

    thank you so much. That is amazing. You ladies are just so inspirational. I love this.

  3. Louise Hargrave says:

    is there a way to print out the directions for this video?

    • Shelley says:

      There are no written instructions. But you can watch the video as often as you like, pause it if you need to, and take some notes if you prefer something written.

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