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I’m writing today’s blog while sitting with my sister in her house in Memphis, Tennessee, as I make my way home from Pittsburgh after spending a few days at the Forever office.  It also happens to be my daughter’s birthday, and I’m so excited because she and her husband are coming to our house for Easter weekend and to celebrate her special day.  Of course, that means I need to get an early start driving home tomorrow so that I get home before they arrive!

Needless to say, I likely won’t make it to the grocery store before Kim and Blake arrive, and since I’ve been away for a week, the cupboard is not too full.  Thankfully, I keep a few things on hand so that when the kids come home, it’s easy to prepare some of their favorite meals and treats.  Like most families, we have some tried and true and cherished recipes, and I love using Artisan to make digital recipe cards.  I used to print out my cards and keep them in a little folder, but now I just save those pages to my Forever account.  One of the best things about that is that whenever the kids need one of my recipes, they can just go to my Forever Recipe album and find what they need without even asking me!  It also comes in handy when a friend wants a recipe – I can just send a link to that album, or share it with her if she’s got a Forever account, or I can download a single card and email it.

Since it’s Easter weekend, I am sure I’ll be making our favorite carrot souffle’, and for Kim’s birthday I’ll either make a Texas sheet cake or Sea Salt Brownies – or both!  We love having Rosemary Cashews to nibble on, and it wouldn’t be a special breakfast without a Puffed Apple Pancake and Pig Candy.  Hope you might enjoy some of these yourself!


Blog header credits: Orange Cream & Cabanas Bundle by JumpStart Designs; Naturals 4-pak AlphaSets by Cottage Arts

Featured Image credits: Recipes for Life Blueprint Book and 4×6 Blueprint Cards; Cooked Kit by DesignerDigitals.

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3 Responses to Blog: Cooking Up Something Special

  1. Alison says:

    Yumm!! I enjoyed eating many of these last year. Thanks for posting these recipes. Now I just need to figure out what a stick is so I can make them myself!

    • sistersunshine says:

      Alison a stick of butter is 1/2 a cup of butter, or 8 tbsp. Most of the butter sold in the US is sold by the pound… it comes packaged in 4 ‘sticks’ individually wrapped and marked with the 8 tbsp. on the side… so all we have to do is cut on the line if say we need 1/4 cup butter. As a kid we used to get a 1 lb chunk off the milk truck (I grew up on a dairy farm) and it was always a treat to get ‘store bought’ butter with those cool waxed paper covering. Thanks letting me take a trip down memory lane. *U* Kathleen

    • Jan says:

      Thanks, Alison! One stick of butter is 113 grams.

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