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Last week, Tameka and I had the pleasure of representing Forever and pixels2Pages at the Forever Retreat Weekend in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  We were joined by Tara Claborn and Abby Totten from Forever, and we all had a delightful time!  Our Canadian hosts made sure that each of us got a chance to see the magnificent Canadian Rockies, so our trip started off with ooohs and aaaahs from us.  Tameka had never seen the Rockies before, so it was fun to watch her take it all in!  I was last in Alberta in the summer of 1996, when we spent Canada Day at Lake Louise – canoeing on the lake, taking a horseback ride around one side of it, hiking up the other side, having a picnic on its shore, and watching fireworks over it – so you can imagine my surprise to find it completely frozen over this time!

At the retreat, Meka and I watched the light bulbs go off as the ‘secrets’ of Artisan were revealed, and of course we heard plenty of ooohs and aaahs during our presentations.  It was fun to watch the attendees go back to the crop room to create the pages we had demonstrated for them, and my goodness – were they good students!  Their pages were fantastic!

From Calgary, I went home for about 10 hours – long enough to do one load of laundry, pack, catch up on some work, and sleep a bit – before leaving for North Carolina to take care of my grandchildren.  As I write this, I’m three days in, and so far so good!  To be perfectly honest, it’s gone even better than I thought it might!  I’ve had a blast listening to my granddaughter Elliot (she’s a bit of a chatterbox) and I have especially loved hearing her make up songs about everything from Jake the Pirate to the Easter bunny to ‘I Am Beautiful’ to a song about eating Popsicle while wearing a Popsicle dress.  And then there is Gray….at 17 months, he is a delight, and he’s given me the gift of seeing the world through his eyes, where every single thing is an object of wonder and delight, and his ooohs and aaahs are full of amazement and surprise.

It occurred to me how much there is to learn when you are one – how to walk, how to talk, how to eat, how to kiss (and not bite), how to play nicely, how to entertain yourself, how to understand what grownups expect – the list is endless!  That made me think of learning to use Artisan (or learning any new skill) and how much easier it would be if we gave ourselves permission to view it with wonder and delight instead of with hesitancy and fear or with a sense of drudgery and inadequacy.  What if we gave ourselves permission to push a button without knowing what would happen when we did?  Or if it was okay to color outside the lines, or even on the walls?  What if we made it something fun to do – learning something new by trying it, or watching someone else do it and then copying it, or reading eye-opening ‘I didn’t know that’ tips – and then we just did it again and again until it stuck?

So that’s my challenge to you – the next time you’re on the p2P website or playing around in Artisan or Historian (any yes, it’s OKAY to play!), give yourself permission to be a little kid and have fun learning.  And I want to hear your ooohs and aaahs!

Have fun with it!

Just Add Water by Across the Pond, #p2PBigDayOutBP from Double Bundle #7,KG Ten Thousand Reasons

Just Add Water by Across the Pond#p2PBigDayOutBP from Double Bundle #7KG Ten Thousand Reasons


Blog header credits: Orange Cream & Cabanas Bundle by JumpStart Designs; Naturals 4-pak AlphaSets by Cottage Arts

Featured Image credits:  Just Add Water by Across the Pond, #p2PBigDayOutBP from Double Bundle #7, KG Ten Thousand Reasons

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7 Responses to Blog: Wonder and Delight

  1. Mary Anne Ladner says:

    We were all so glad you could all come to our Calgary Retreat. We all wanted more of you and Tameka, and learn so much. Fun!

  2. Alison says:

    Thank you, Jan, for the reminder to see new things with wonder and delight! I am going to consciously put that into practice this week.

  3. Sandy says:

    I really like that we can ooooh and aaaaah while playing with Artisan. But what’s even better is that we can correct and uh oh with the click of a button without the risk of losing a limited piece of paper or embellishment.

  4. Mary says:

    Great to remember! I think I’ll ooh and aah next time I play and remember these words of wisdom.

  5. Lisa Ingleton says:

    It was so nice to meet you and Tameka! Looks like you are having a wonderful time with your grandchildren!

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