I’m home from my European travels and nearly over the jetlag. We had the most amazing experiences – somewhat dampened by me getting a bad dose of flu half way through the trip – but overall, it really was fantastic. Medieval castles, ornate churches, cobblestoned lanes, snow-topped Alps, lush spring fields and trees, thundering waterfalls, serene lakes and canals, dense forests, fascinating museums, tiny cottages, picturesque street scenes, iconic architecture, memorable dinners, new friendships, catching up with old friends, unexpected highlights… this trip had them all!

There are so many things that are wonderful about travel, but right now I’m appreciating the things that are wonderful about home! It is SO good to be back in our own bed again. To not be living out of suitcases, to be able to wash clothes whenever I need them, to know my way to the bathroom when I wake in the night, to eat familiar foods (salads and fresh fruit whenever I like!!), to cook for my family again, to relax in familiar surroundings. And of course to spend time with beloved family and friends.

Travel broadens the mind, they say, but I think it also narrows the focus – you realise what’s most important to you about home when you are away. Being sick while traveling in particular makes you appreciate the comforts of home! There are many things about everyday life at home that I usually take for granted which seem especially valuable right now. It can be the same with scrapbooking. I find that scrapping travel photos is exciting, and it’s easy to think that travel albums are the main game. Scrapping the everyday often feels a little hum-drum. Who wants to look at photos of ordinary life when they can be thrilled, inspired and informed by pictures of exotic locations?

The thing is – both are important. My day-to-day life has much more impact on who I am than the one-off European adventure. When my future (theoretical for now!) grandchildren read my travel scrapbooks they’ll learn a little bit about my likes and perspectives, my love of history, architecture and gardens.  How much more will there be to learn from my regular scrapbooks and photos? My passions and pursuits. What I spend my time and money on. Who and what I am committed to. What life at this time and in this place looks and feels like. And really, aren’t those the things that make me me and not someone else? Anyone could have taken that photo of Wenceslas Square, the Wartburg, or Westminster Abbey. My front door, the books on my shelves and the laundry drying on my clothesline are unique to me!

Over the next few months I’ll be working on scrapping my European trip. Stay tuned! However, I’ll still be recording life here and now too. East, west, home really is best. Don’t forget to celebrate your everyday life in your scrapbooks, just as you celebrate the major events!

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3 Responses to Blog: East, west, home’s best!

  1. Jan says:

    You are so wise, Alison! Love reading this perspective! And I know you were longing for home when you were sick… xx

  2. adakallen says:

    I love your blog! I agree It is good to go and it is good to come home!
    I have loved my European travels.
    Can’t wait to see your pictures.

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