My time hanging with the Forever pixels2Pages team has been such a wonderful experience for many reasons. I have found the Pixies to be very creative, extremely helpful, inspirational, and super fun. They are the kind of team you just want to be a part of! And hence, that is why they have such an incredible following of digital scrapbookers like you.

As you may have read in some of my previous blog posts, my Artisan usage over the years has been frequent, but pretty simple. Over the last 10 years, I have only owned about 10 digital art kits and I just reused that artwork over and over. It took me a long time to create a page because I often started with a blank page.

Because I have been inspired by the Pixies, I have fallen love with digital art… I’m crazy for it now! I think it adds so much love to my pages. In recent years, I have learned to always start with a Blueprint or Click Collage layout so I can work quickly and have a well-laid out page. But now I have taken that to a new level.  I am still a super simple scrapbooker, but I have added a sprinkle of love (digital art) on top!

Over the last few months, part of my job was to create a few sample pages in Artisan, and shhh! – don’t tell anyone, but I wasn’t super familiar with Blueprints! But I totally get them now!  And you know what I have learned…that I was inspired and encouraged to step out of my box. When I simply followed the Pixies’ recipe, I created something that I would never dreamed up on my own. And the resulting pages brought my pictures and my stories to life in such a creative and brilliant way.

My most recent project was a book for my son, Sam. His 10th Birthday is this week and all he wants is a photo book of his first 10 years. I have made these for my other kids but they have been very simple and short. But, Sam has high expectations for Volume 1 of his life. He sees all of the incredible things that go on at my work and he loves the books that we have at home. So, the bar has been set high for his gift. The problem is that I had to create it in all of my spare time. Ha ha!

Well, I am happy to say that I did it! The book is 86 pages long. It includes each birthday, 1st day of school for each year, artwork from each age, journaling about each year and then several pages of photo for each year. And a letter from me at the end with some advice and hope for his future.

I am here to say that it really didn’t take too long and it wasn’t as totally overwhelming as some may think it would be.

What made is so easy for me? I will say it was Forever…it was the solution to a quick and easy scrapbook with my own personal style and flair! This was my step by step process:

  1. I gathered and organized the photos for this project in my Forever account.
  • I simply created albums for each year of Sam’s life. (2007, 2008,2009…)
  • I went through his tag and sorted them into the albums by year.
  • I searched for specific photos like birthday parties and first day of school pictures by using the month and year drop downs in the library. So, I searched for June of each year to be sure I didn’t miss any birthday photos.
  • I visited a few of my family members’ Forever accounts so I could grab photos of Sam that they had taken and I didn’t have.
  • I snapped some photos with my phone of his artwork and some special things from his box of memories and added those to the yearly albums as well.

I didn’t have all these photos ready from the beginning, but I went searching in these ways when I needed to add more photos.

  1. I added some Digital Art from the Forever Store.

I searched for “boy” digital art in the store and downloaded 4 kits that I thought he would like.

  1. In Artisan, I created a 12×12 book using the Click Collage Templates.

That got me started and when I needed to add more pages, I grabbed either simple Blueprints or Click Collage templates.

  1. I brought my photos into my Artisan Project, from my Forever account, in an organized and systematic way….one year at a time.

Since I had already prepared all the photos needed, in my Forever account, I simply grabbed each album one at a time as I was ready to work on them.

  1. Then I simply dropped in photos.

I put each photo in place and then cropped it appropriately so the photo looked great on the page.

  1. I then added some sparkle, or not.

Sometimes I added a piece of digital art or swapped a background paper or added a journal box. Other times, I just let the photos speak for themselves and the page was complete with just photos.

  1. And I made it personal

At the beginning of each year I made it special by creating a template with the Star Student Digital Art kit. I added in Sam’s first day of school photo and artwork from each year.

I also included a page for each year that included a large journal box where I wrote from my heart and described the milestone events that took place within that year.

As I was creating this book, I thought of the Pixies and how much they have inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and sprinkle a few pages in there that are more creative than my usual style.

So, what is the hardest part for you? Finding the time? Gathering pictures? Creating the pages? Remembering journaling details? Forever offers you a solution to all of these roadblocks. Start with your Forever ambassador and ask her where you can go to learn more about using Forever’s Memory Keeping Products.  And if you want to be inspired and learn more about using more of the features in Forever Artisan, be sure to join pixels2Pages for premium training.

Content Used: Star Student Bundle

Content Used: Classic Layout Bundle 1, 100% Boy Bundle

Content Used: Joy of Boy Bundle, Beginnings Blue Print

Content Used: Hello Gratitude Bundle





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5 Responses to Blog: My Scrapbook Learnings

  1. Avril Lawson says:

    I made books like you describe for both my kids 21st birthdays – 100 pages each. They were the best presents ever! 10 or so years on and they still love to go through them. Well worth the effort. I have been busy the past few months working away at getting all of my photos on to Forever storage. Can’t wait til I am finished and can go back to being more creative making books.

  2. I am learning these techniques too! And I will say it has greatly enhanced my creativity and helped me finish more quickly. I used to only finish one or two pages a night, and now I can finish more than 20 in a weekend working on and off during that “spare time”. 🙂 Thank you!

    • Shelley Murray says:

      Feels good to get so much done! And I do love being able toe work on and off as time permits. Glad you are loving these templates and blueprints as much as I am!

  3. Carole L Bremer says:

    I loved how you organized ahead of time to make the pages easier to create. I did 4o year albums for each of my four kids & it was quite a job. Too bad I didn’t have all your tips for those at the time!

    • Shelley Murray says:

      Wow that sounds like a few big projects. I am sure it was a gift of a live time to them. Yes, I agree…getting much easier these days with new technology like Forever!

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