Thanks to all who attended our first ‘Ask a Pixie’ webinar!  As promised, here are the questions asked and answered during the call, with links.  Have fun with it, and thanks for asking questions in advance!

The next Ask a Pixie webinar will be on Monday, 7 August 2017.  Click HERE to register.


Q.  If you are using Color Wash, is it possible to get back to the original color? It just keeps adding color to finally go black. (Caroline M)

(Demo) In Color wash dialog click Cancel or Restore Defaults; if already applied click Undo.

Q. How may I download pictures from my Forever without downloading the picture to my computer then into Artisan?  (Diane S)

(Demo) In Artisan, Insert ribbon > Photo > Browse Forever > choose album (images MUST be in an album in your Forever account to use this feature) > choose image(s) desired > Get selected.  Images will be added to your current page.

Operations panel > Get photos > Browse Forever > choose album (images MUST be in an album in your Forever account to use this feature) > choose image(s) desired > Get selected. Images will be added to the end of the photo panel.

Q. Show how to weave paper with Artisan (Laureen G)

Watch our Video Tidbit, Unbe-weave-able – a border technique.

Q. How do I remove a frame after I’ve put one on a picture? (Louise H)

Right click > Effects > Remove.

Q. How to take one photo and spread it onto 2 pages. Like photographers do. (Ruby Y)

Watch this short Pixie Power Minute video, Layering Elements Across Two Pages.

And use our DPS Blueprints!

Q. Can you switch to other pre-designed templates during a project? (Lisa W)

(Demo) And here’s a handy tutorial that explains it all: Importing a page from an Art Kit

Q. I have some masks in my content– could you briefly go over how to use them? (Carol S)

(Demo) We have loads of information about masks, how to use them, and how to make them.  Click HERE.

Q. How do you enhance a photo? (Beth C)

(Demo)  SO MANY WAYS!!  Using the image editor; using photo effects, using filters. using color and so many more.  Oh, and auto fix!

Q. For a travel scrapbook, what is a good way, in A5, to show a travel route, using an existing jpg or png map? (Kathy J)

(Demo) Insert > Line > Curved path or line > Trace route with your mouse > Enter.  Can change color, width, and style of the line on QAT later; can edit (right click) points if needed.

Q. How/why should I Optimise and what effect does it have for future work on that page or project? (Jill S)

Here’s a TIP about optimization.


Q.  I would also like to be refreshed on how to search for items, such as a whale or a blue flower.  (Kari H)

Q.  In my content I have over 7,000 “papers”. I can never find what I am looking for. I need tagging suggestions desperately!  (Marsha E)

Q. How do I sort my digital art I’ve been buying and collecting – I don’t understand how tags work in manage content.   (Kate A)

All about Tagging 

 And we have an entire section on Content Manager!  Important take home messages:

  • You can scrapbook even if your content is not tagged and categorized.
  • Do not spend all of your scrapbook time organizing – make some pages, too.
  • Create tags and categories for things you KNOW you will want to use.  It is not necessary to tag every single element or paper and it is not necessary to have every kit in a category.
  • Create or adopt a system that works for you and stick with it.  Continue to organize as you add content.
  • In the case of a new computer, a new EHD, a new EHD drive letter, migration of your content from one folder to another, you will LOSE your categories.  Tags will stay with the element.
  • Consider making specific categories for specific projects.

This TIP should help if your content is a mess on your computer.

Here are some blog posts regarding organization and personal systems:

Blog: Out of Control: A Tale of my Content Manager by Tameka

Vlog: Personal Content Manager Tour a video blog by Tameka

Blog: Organising Content is a lot like Ironing by Shelley

Blog: This Time I’ve Got It – I Hope by Shelley

Ready to Scrapbook by Mary

Ready to Scrapbook 2 by Mary

Q. In A5, is it better to “insert an embellishment or paper from an art kit” or use the Content button on the panel? (Linda D)

Both work well; more clicks of the mouse to add from Insert ribbon.  Pixie consensus is add from Content Panel.  

Q. How did you get the dark screen so you can see white things?

Help button (top right of screen) > Options > General > Application color scheme > Dark > OK.  Must close and reopen Artisan for it to take effect.

Q. Why can’t all art kits be imported into A5 the same way? (Comm kits & other company’s kits) (Irene Q)

Artisan kits (purchased ONLY from the Forever store) are proprietary content (.pakit) designed especially to work in Artisan.  You may use other universal format (UF) content, but you must make Personal Art Kits in Artisan to be able to use them.

Creating a Personal Art Kit

Q. What’s the easiest way to know what kits and artwork you already have so you don’t order again! (Val B)

(Demo) Use New Content Checklists, use activation code list in Content Manager (you need to be backing it up anyway) or look in your Windows Explorer to see if you already have a kit.

Backing up Activation Codes


Q. I am still learning how to use blueprints and have general questions with using them and organizing them.

Q. I just want to learn more about blueprints, but am sure the answers are there for me to watch. Thanks for all you do.  (Maryanne L)

We have a TON of info about downloading, unzipping, saving, and using Blueprints!

Getting Started: About Blueprints

Searching for Blueprints (in Windows): 

Maximize Your Membership with Blueprints recorded webinar


Q. I don’t know why the search box never seems to find or understand what I am searching. How should the search box be used best?  (Kathy M)

(Demo)  Try to be specific; the search function looks for specific WORDS.  Other things to try: Tag cloud, Search by Topic, Home page, Getting Started, email, ask on our Facebook page(s).

Q. Where do you begin? It seems overwhelming.  (Gail B)

Q. What is best way to take full advantage of all the benefits offered to members of P2P? (Melissa K)

Just start!!  

Watch Maximize Your Membership recordings and register for future ones: 

Start with most recent posts and watch/read/do.

Search for something you want to know.

Read Pages magazine and be inspired – the links it in go directly to the website. 

Download and print our June calendar (remember to get each month’s calendar from Rabbit, Rabbit)

Sign up for our email lists:

  • Intro to p2P emails: a series of emails that will introduce you to the website, one feature at a time
  • Regular email list: published several times a month, featuring p2P news

Read Rabbit, Rabbit: a handy review and preview of p2P happenings posted on the first of each month

Join our Facebook groups: Forever Good2Know; Our2Cents, Plan2Scrap and like (and follow) our Facebook page.

Attend our Quarterly Crops – next one is July 14-16. Not sure what a virtual crop is or how it works?  Click HERE to learn more.

Most of all, remember that pixels2Pages is meant to be FUN.  Use it in a way that works for you!  There is so much information here – you don’t have to know it all, read it all, watch it all, or do it all – it’s here for you when you need it!


Q, I would love to see some workshops like we had with Home is where the Heart is, are any of those in the works?  (Donna J)

No plans at this time. Anything in particular you are wanting?  Our next ‘course’ likely will be something for beginners.

Q. Are you expecting Artisan 6 any time soon? (Annette P)


Q. Can you please post a schedule of your quarterly virtual crops on the website? (That is if you know for the coming year. 😉 (Allison S)

We plan about a quarter in advance, but they are usually in January, April, July, and October.

Q. Do you plan on having any events on the east coast this year? (Kathy C)

See Rabbit, Rabbit for a list of live events.


Q. Is there a handout available that lists the step by step information we need to submit to 4evR when we run into a problem? (Kathleen E)

We do not have a handout, but here’s a blog post that should help.

Q. A5 Predesigned book. Set text style on first page, sampled, applied to all the rest. When open text box, settings not kept. Why?  (Kay T)

Try with text in the box first OR do a page at a time; please contact support though.

Q.  Why do activation codes become disassociated with content packages? (Lynn A)

They don’t, to our knowledge.  Please contact support if you are having a problem.  Forever does not own ALL of the previous StoryBook Creator digital content, so if that is the issue, you won’t be able to access it without a working activation code.

Q. How do I move my art kits from my old laptop to my new one? (Michele R)

Remember to back things up first!  Here is a (free) TIP that will help.


Q. How do you tag several pictures at once of the same person? (Colleen A)

HERE is info about tagging in Historian.

Q. Interested in starting to learn Lightroom but not sure how the workflow goes if you start shooting in RAW. I use Historian. (Wanda B)

You can import RAW images into Historian.  


Featured image content used: #p2PCoolCousinsBP; Adrier Kit, Artistry #2 and #3 Paper Packs, all by DesignerDigitals; Fonts: DragonFlight Pro and KG Ten Thousand Reasons




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  1. Jennifer Gilbert says:

    The tip for optimization goes to a page 404 error. I have finished a book and wanted to read up on it to refresh my memory. Search only returned one result, this page and that broken link. Thanks

  2. Suzanne Kusko says:

    How do import people from one photo to another? eg. A family photo where a family member couldn’t make it, so I would like them to be in the group photo.
    I have seen this done, but can’t find the info.

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